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8 Pregnancy Things I'm Giving Up the Third Time Around

Photograph by Twenty20

Everyone knows that first-time parents are the over achievers of the parenting world, and first-time pregnant moms? Well, they are the holy grail of overachieving, by-the-bookers who read all the things. First time pregnant ladies don't mess around. We want to know all of the foods we can't eat, and we want to know all of the best pregnancy and baby products. We want to try all the natural tinctures and potions and lotions and we want to know exactly what to expect when we're expecting.

As a first time mama-to-be, I remember being so ridiculously prepared. I had all the gear. I packed my hospital bag way earlier than necessary. I made a playlist. But now that I'm on my third pregnancy, I've figured out what works for me and whatever doesn't, I'm just giving up, because: live and learn.

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Here are just a few of the things I won't be doing this time around when it comes to pregnancy...

1. Making a birth playlist.

Because it NEVER gets listened to. I'm just embracing the fact that I'm a silent birther this time around.

2. Placenta encapsulation.

Did it with my daughter and had a hellish postpartum experience. Skipped it with my second and postpartum was magical, breastfeeding was better, and everything was lovely. I've decided I'm not a believer.

3. My pregnancy pillow.

Yes, it did make things a bit more comfy but it was like having a third person in our bed, which totally got old.

4. All the food rules.

I totally had a nitrate-free turkey sandwich yesterday and it was delicious.

While I am certainly not a parenting expert, I feel like I have enough experience under my belt to sort of just wing it.

5. Avoiding maternity clothes.

I used to try to extend my regular wardrobe for as long as humanly possible, but this time around I'm embracing belly panels and spandex. Bring on the comfort!

6. Eating for two.

While I've always known that the phrase "eating for two" wasn't meant to be taken literally, I somehow missed the memo that it was only a measly 300 calories more a day that I was supposed to be consuming. Oops. After gaining 65 pounds with my last pregnancy, I'm trying to be much more moderate in indulging this time around, because losing it later on isn't the most fun of my life.

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7. All the classes and books.

While I am certainly not a parenting expert, I feel like I have enough experience under my belt to sort of just wing it. Besides, all babies are different and this one will have it's own learning curve that a book won't be able to predict.

8. Worrying so much.

I'm a bit Type-A so worrying is sort of just my thing, but this time around I've learned enough to know that when it comes to pregnancy, very few things are in my control so I'm just going to enjoy the ride.

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