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13 of the Grossest Things You Experienced During Pregnancy

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I usually choose to dwell on the beauty of pregnancy, those are the things I really want to remember. Baby kicks cushioned by cute maternity dresses and the perfection of knowing that my body is working hard to grow an amazing little human that I will love for the rest of my life. But on the flip side, pregnancy brings about some super gross and weird things too.

It's been easy to forget the icky parts of my previous two pregnancy, but now that I'm in the thick of pregnancy #3, sometimes it's fun to compare gross factor stories with your girlfriends. We all need a good laugh every once in awhile—especially when pregnancy emotions are high. So join me as we keep things light and not-so-lovely with these true mom confessions!

"I drool when I sleep whenever I'm pregnant ... like majorly drool. I will wake up from my pillow being cold and wet. It's awful; I have no idea why and only do it when I'm growing a baby. It's super sexy, let me tell ya." - Valerie R.

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"My vagina goes as dry as the Sahara. Seriously. I go from a 'moist tropical rainforest' down there that requires a panty liner 365 days a year, to so dry my vagina needs its own humidifier.' It is most certainly NOT sexy, but it absolutely makes me appreciate my naturally 'climate controlled' nether regions during my non-pregnant seasons!" - Alissa H.

"First, so much lack of bladder control that I had no idea my water had actually broken! Then, the itchiest rash on my legs postpartum from all the breastfeeding hormones!" - Laura R.

"I've never had a bloody nose until being pregnant. They come at the most random and inopportune times!" - Kristine H.

"Warts! Apparently my immune system gets extra low during pregnancy, according to my doctor, and I'm just more susceptible. I've gotten one on my foot during all my pregnancies. As soon as Baby is born my hormones change, immunity boosts, and that pesky wart disappears all on its own. So weird!" - Grace R.

When I was just a tiny bit pregnant with my first I was talking on the phone with my mom. I sneezed and peeed myself. Not just a tinkle.

"I gag every time I brushed my teeth; almost to the point of vomiting." - Jennifer H.

"Night sweats are the WORST! I would wake up literally soaked in sweat! And the lack of bladder control!" - Diane H.

"The hemorrhoids. I never knew what they were until I was pregnant. And then the horrible constipation. Because of these two things, I had a bowel movement that was more painful than the actual birth of my daughter." - Sara D.

"Snot in bucket loads! I have never created so much mucus in my head as when I'm creating a child." - Carissa F.

"My belly button got infected through my second trimester with Ruby. My midwife could only guess that my innie was becoming an outie. It stayed an innie. I dumped a bunch of coconut oil and lavender into it daily to help, but still, gross!" - Bianca T.

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"I had the worst body odor. I tried several types a deodorant and couldn't find anything to help, so I pretty much just smelled all of the time." --- Tasha W.

"With my first, I got brown spots all over my face that couldn't be covered with makeup." --- Bree W.

"When I was just a tiny bit pregnant with my first I was talking on the phone with my mom. I sneezed and peeed myself. Not just a tinkle. I stood there in absolute shock and remember saying, 'But, I didn't even need to pee!'" - Hanna E.

"I was diagnosed with a rare form of pica, and I constantly craved the smell of rubber. I used to go to the Costco and stand in the tire section, pretending to browse, just so I could smell them." --- Abbie R.

Ready to claim your pregnancy gross factor? You're definitely not going to be alone. Let's laugh together today and coat the beauty of pregnancy with a little bit of reality! Chime in with what you have experienced ...

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