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7 Ways Giving Birth is Like a Football Game

Photograph by Getty Images

So you're going to have a baby. You're getting ready for what will be one of the biggest moments of your life, and while the work is nothing like the actual physical activity of a football game, there are certain similarities.

1. You have to be prepared. Playing in an NFL game requires tons of practice and preparation. Also prepared is the mother-to-be gearing up for the big day. Whether you actually take labor classes, read books for hours at a time or kind of ignore the fact that the baby has to come out somehow, your body is definitely doing some behind-the-scenes prep work for you.

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2. You look forward to the event with excitement and dread. Just like when your favorite team suits up for a playoff game, you know that something big is going to happen. Of course, having a baby is way better than your team winning a playoff game, but the anticipation is cranked up so hard you're about to lose it.

3. You have to be a team player. Actually, you're really the only one doing all of the work, but when you have a baby, you have a team assembled around you to help you guide your little one earthside. Your medical team, friends and family, and your partner may all be present as you labor along, offering encouragement and being a good support for you and your efforts (in addition to a stress reliever in the form of a punching bag.)

Whether you holler or grunt quietly, you will likely be making some noise of your own during labor and delivery.

4. There will be spectators. Of course, having a baby means that people are going to be staring at you during one of the most physically intense moments of your life (and they also may be staring at your crotch), but take heart—you'll be way more entertaining than a football game, and instead of delivering a win, you'll be delivering a cute baby.

5. There will be grunting. You can't watch a football game without noticing that there is quite a bit of noise coming from the mouths of the players. Whether you holler or grunt quietly, you will likely be making some noise of your own during labor and delivery.

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6. Time may be a factor. The NFL is closely regulated by ticks on the clock, and some moms may have time limits imposed on their labor and delivery. For example, some care providers don't want to wait too long after your water breaks to deliver your baby or they may not want you to push more than a few hours. And of course, there may be a person on the sidelines timing your contractions with a stopwatch. Feel free to kick them if it bugs you, though, which you cannot do in an NFL game.

7. You will make people cry. I don't know about you, but I'm a huge crier. I find it awkward, especially when I tear up at sports things (this happens often and my family thinks I'm a huge freak.) But that's nothing compared to the power of giving birth and making a whole room full of people shout with joy or burst into tears. You've got the power, mama. Bask in it.

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