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Splurging on a Prenatal Massage Is So Worth It

Photograph by Twenty20

During pregnancy, our bodies stretch and get pulled, they grow and expand, our backs ache, our bones ache and our ligaments feel like they're going to snap. It is a beautiful time of life but it can, at times, feel like torture.

As your baby grows, your uterus takes up most of the space in your abdomen. It pushes everything else out of the way and those organs and muscles can press on nerves, causing pain or discomfort. The crowding affects the spine as well, causing even more discomfort. (Oh, the joys!)

Luckily, there is something you can do for your body: Go get a prenatal massage from a licensed massage therapist! Getting a massage can feel like an indulgence, and some moms have a hard time spending money on themselves. While it may be a luxury, it is one that could improve your overall sense of awareness and connection to not only your changing or changed body but even to your baby.

If the table alone felt that great, what was going to happen when the LMT started the massage?

The first time I maneuvered my pregnant body up onto a table equipped for my baby bump, there was an audible sigh of relief. My back was finally able to relax. If the table alone felt that great, what was going to happen when the LMT started the massage? (Note: Some LMTs prefer to use pillows to position and support pregnant women during the massage, known as side lying positioning, to support healthy alignment of the spine and pelvis and alleviate any extra strain.) I didn’t think it would feel that good, but was I in for a treat!

After my experience, I was a believer in the healing touch, so much so that I decided later in life to go back to school and get my license. The prenatal portion of my schooling was one of my favorites, and I learned about a lot more benefits.

For instance, massage therapy increases circulation, which can decrease swelling. If anyone needs a boost in this department, a pregnant mama does! According to the American Pregnancy Association, studies have shown that prenatal massage can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, and improve your labor and delivery experience. Some experts even suggest massage therapy to help alleviate morning sickness. What expecting mother wouldn't want that?

Editor's note: This post is not intended to provide medical care. Talk to your doctor for specific advice, diagnoses and treatment.

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