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10 Affirmations All New Moms Need To Hear

If you're a new mom you know that one thing's for sure: You have to celebrate the little successes … I'm talking the, I got 5 hours of sleep last night kind of successes here! I'm a big believer in practicing gratitude and thinking positive. I've found that saying a prayer of thanks or at least trying to find the good in every situation works wonders for not only my mood, but the moods of those around me. There are so many mommas that could use a kind word or gentle reminder. Repeat these words of positivity to yourself when you need them, and send along to all the new moms you know. Trust me, if they don't need it yet, they'll appreciate it sometime!

1. I trust myself.

2. I was made for this and am prepared for whatever comes my way.

3. What I'm doing matters.

4. I have everything I need within me.

5. My children can count on me for anything, and that's all that matters.

6. I can give my children everything they need – there is always a way.

7. I will take time to express thanks for all that I was given.

8. It's okay to ask for help, as long as I receive it with gratitude.

9. My happiness is necessary, so I will not neglect it.

10. Whatever we must get through, we will get through together.

Which affirmation resonates with you most? How do you welcome positivity in your life?

Image via Instagram: @tameramowrytwo

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