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Baby Names With a Beach Vibe

Photograph by Twenty20

The shining sun, the crashing waves and the brisk ocean breeze, what's not to love about the beach? If you want your baby to be one with nature, check out these awesome beach-inspired names.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked

Sunny will rise and shine every day. This is the kind of name that puts a smile on the face of anyone who says it—and that's a major plus for you, considering you're the one who will use it the most.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: # 740

Sky is most popular for girls—it doesn't rank in the top 1,000 names for boys—but it could be used for either gender. It's short, simple and calls to mind that bright blue sky of a perfect beach day.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked

Colorful coral is tough but looks delicate. If searching for underwater beauty is your favorite thing about a beach visit, this might be the name for your baby.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #177 (boys), # 1,000 (girls)

Meaning: Sea

Kai is a Hawaiian name for sea, so it doesn't get much beachier than that. The name definitely has that surfer vibe to it, but it's also popular with uber chic Hollywood elite—both Naomi Watts and Jennifer Connelly chose this name for their sons.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked

Waverly straddles a line between Old World formality and that casual hippie vibe. This is the kind of name you'd expect to see on a girl wearing a preppy school uniform, beat-up sneakers and a mischievous grin. Although it calls cresting, crashing waves to mind, this name is more subtly beachy than some.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: # 661

Meaning: Of the sea

The name Marina evokes an exotic beauty whose name hints at Italian or Spanish heritage. And it's still not super popular, which is always a plus when it comes to baby names.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked

Whether you prefer your beaches soft and white or craggy and windswept, Sandy is a fitting name for any sun worshipper. It has retro charm—this was the name of the sweet and sassy female lead in "Grease," after all. It's also a friendly, approachable name, as evidenced by the fact that Sandy is the nickname of American sweetheart Sandra Bullock.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: # 29 (boy), # 394 (girl)

Meaning: God or hero of the sea

Dylan isn't an obviously beachy moniker, but you'll know that your Dylan's name is inspired by the Welsh god of the sea.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked

Ocean is an uncommon name in America, but Océane is a popular name for French baby girls. And everything French is cool, right? A little Ocean will almost certainly be the only one in his or her preschool class with this powerful, evocative name.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #75

Originally used to describe flute players, the name Piper can also be used as a nod to the sandpiper birds that are a feature of so many seasides. As the name of the lead character in "Orange Is the New Black," Piper has picked up a fresh hip vibe that may be appealing to the modern parent.

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