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Baby Names on the Brink of Extinction

Most of the names on the verge of going extinct were fashionable in the early 20th century, but some of these might deserve a second coming.


Meaning: Famous in war

Lula was the 43rd most popular name in the 1880s; in 2014, only 87 American girls were named Lula. Considering its similarity to trendy names Lucy and Ella, it might be time for a Lula resurgence.


Meaning: Warring

Female Marians are rare today, but male Marions are even rarer. There were more than 16,000 male Marions born in the '20s; in 2014, only 82 boys were given this name. Considering its female bent, this is one name that isn't likely to become big again anytime soon.


Meaning: Grace

Nannie was popular in the late 1800s, but of all the baby girls born in 2014, fewer than five were given this name. (The Social Security Administration only provides information on names given to at least five babies per year.) The related name Nanette was only given to 12 girls.


Meaning: Blind

Cecil's downturn is surprising, considering the feminine form – Cecilia – continues to thrive. Despite this name's stately impression and simplicity, it has steadily declined and was given to fewer than 100 boys in 2014.


Poor Myrtle. This name is more associated with octogenarians and an annoying ghost from the "Harry Potter" series than the beautiful flowering shrub from which it came. A mere nine baby Myrtles were born in 2014 America.


Meaning: White

Blanche Devereaux was one of the delightful "Golden Girls," and French history includes multiple queens named Blanche. Still, this regal name has seen its popularity wane so significantly that only six baby Blanches were born in 2014.


Meaning: Security; helmet maker

It's connected to "The Simpsons," home runs and the writer of the epic poems "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey," yet you're unlikely to meet a young Homer – a popular name in the '20s – today. It's a modest and serious name that's due for a comeback.


Hopefully it's not "Scooby-Doo" that's to blame for Velma's unpopularity as a name. Daphne got more attention, but Velma's smarts were what usually saved the day. If you like namesakes with more edge, look to the sassy criminal Velma Kelly in Broadway's "Chicago." This name was given to 13 American girls born in 2014.


Meaning: Gray

As a name, Floyd isn't gone yet; look to the boxer Floyd Mayweather for proof. This is another name that peaked during the '20s and was given to fewer than 100 boys in 2014, but as long as there are diehard Pink Floyd fans, it's a good bet this name will hold on.


Claudette sounds exotic and European, so it seems like it should be popular in an age where Chloe and Ava rule. But this name befitting a flapper is anything but popular, with just 13 American Claudettes born in 2014.

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