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Country Music Baby Names

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Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked

No list of classic country stars would be complete without Reba McEntire. This name, which is a short version of Rebecca, begs to be spoken with a sharp Southern twang, but it's sweet no matter who's saying it.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked

Meaning: Garden, gentle, enclosure, watchful

For most American parents, Garth has two main reference points: Garth Brooks or one half of the doofus comedy duo of "Wayne's World." This name has its roots in French, Welsh and Nordic meanings and is decidedly manly; this isn't a trendy, gender-bending moniker.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked

It can be a nickname for either Dolores or Dorothy, but Dolly is also a name that can stand on its own, just like Dolly Parton does. This singer, actress and composer -- thank her for your go-to karaoke song, "I Will Always Love You" -- is a talented dynamo, and her name is feminine and playful.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #275

Your little Cash had better walk the line, at least when it comes to following house rules. Johnny is synonymous with Johnny Depp, so consider choosing Cash to honor The Man In Black.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #720

As a song, "Jolene" is a bummer. As a name, Jolene is girly with a little Southern twist. Choose this name only if you love the Dolly Parton song because you and your little Jolene will hear it sung back to you by half the people you meet.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked

Though the Judds are women, Judd is traditionally a boy's name. Mother Naomi and daughter Wynonna have performed solo and as a duo. The name Judd was originally a short version of Jordan; in a modern country context, Judd represents a tight familial bond.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #81

Faith Hill was blessed with good genes, a killer voice and a name that is both sweet-sounding and meaningful. You don't need to have any particular beliefs to bestow this name upon a little girl.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked (Zachary: #82).

If modern country music is your cup of sweet tea, consider the country rock powerhouse The Zac Brown Band. The frontman of this genre-tweaking superstar group spells his first name in the same minimalist, country-boy way as Zac Efron -- no stuffy Zachary titles for these guys.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #998

Carrie Underwood has come a long way since she was a wide-eyed farm girl on "American Idol." Despite being one of the biggest country singers in the world, this beauty has kept her small-town charm. This is a sunny, friendly name and is short for Caroline, which is derived from Charles.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #134

Meaning: Farmer

So the country crooners of old are your style. Two of the greatest country singers of all time, George Jones and George Strait, shared the same classic name. It's one that fits everyone from a country boy to a city slicker, though it may be most appropriate on the former: George comes from Greek for "farmer."

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