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Fashion-Forward Baby Names

Photograph by Getty Images


Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked

Chanel founder Coco Chanel was the queen of chic. Her name is short for any name that begins with Co-. It's cute and coy; no wonder Courteney Cox and David Arquette chose this for their daughter.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #182

Meaning: Bald

Nothing will come between you and your Calvin if you choose this baby name. Calvin Klein is known for classy basics and evocative underwear ads, but this name's roots aren't so fashionable: It's derived from the French last name Chauvin, meaning "bald."


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #489 (boy), #671 (girl)

Meaning: High fortress, stronghold

Armani produces clothing for men and women, so it's fitting that this name is gender-neutral. Though the designer Georgio Armani is Italian, this name is actually a Hebrew form of the name Armon.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #883

Tom Ford's designs are sleek and tailored, but this name has a roughhewn edge to it. It's simple and masculine, and while it's more commonly given to boys, Ford -- which is an Old English surname -- can be used for girls, too.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked

Meaning: Given

Donatella Versace is dramatic and over-the-top, just like her designs. Her name is derived from the Latin name Donatus and is the feminine form of Donatello, best known as the name of a famed Italian Renaissance sculptor.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked

The French designer Yves Saint Laurent was a legendary talent, but Yves is a tough name for an American kid to carry. Laurent still has European flair but is a little more common. It's derived from the Roman name Laurentius, meaning "from Laurentum," an ancient Roman city.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked

Meaning: My God is an oath

Betsey Johnson is wild and colorful. Her name, which is a different spelling of Betsy and is short for the Greek name Elizabeth, is a little more sedate but is still fun and friendly.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #765

Meaning: Strong, vigorous, healthy

This name just screams Casanova. Little Valentinos are bound to charm the girls during recess. Like St. Valentine, Valentino is derived from the Latin name Valens.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #367

Meaning: True

Stemming from the Latin word for "true," your little Vera hopefully will be honor-bound to tell you the truth about any naughty behavior. Like Vera Wang herself, this name is simple and elegant.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #183

Oscar the Grouch, the sloppy half of "The Odd Couple," the weary accountant from "The Office": This name has many pop-culture meanings. In the fashion world, it's undeniably tied to the late, great Oscar de la Renta. It's possibly derived from Gaelic, Old English or Old Norse.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #249

Meaning: Alive

Vivienne is undeniably stylish; after all, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt picked this name for one of their daughters. Like the designer Vivienne Westwood, this name is feminine but edgy. It's derived from the Latin word vivus, meaning "alive."

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