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How Moms Really Felt During the Last Month of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is hard. Pregnancy is exhausting. Pregnancy is beautiful. We asked real moms to share their feelings on pregnancy during that last month_the home stretch. You know, when you're so uncomfortable you will literally do anything and everything to get that baby out? Yeah. That one.

Here's what they had to say:

"The last month of pregnancy, I was SO over it. All of it. I didn't feel beautiful or any desire to really do anything except have that baby! Thank God my baby came a few weeks early. I don't think I could have handled it any longer." – Lindsay C.

"During my last month of pregnancy, I felt as big as a house. I literally waddled everywhere, nothing fit, it was just awful. I was so ready to get that baby out!" – Melissa C.

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"I'm a freak, but I absolutely loved being pregnant, even right up until the end." – Claire C.

"The last month was rough. I had numb hands and didn't sleep because I was so uncomfortable. Those last two weeks especially sucked." – Hannah J.

"I loved being pregnant, but admittedly that last month was not easy. It's definitely nice to sleep comfortably again, even if it's only for two or three hours at a time." – Kate H.

"Simple. The last month of pregnancy made me feel like a whale." – Christina H.

I've never visited a bathroom as often as I did in that last month of pregnancy.

"Every day is a new issue! I think I had maybe three weeks of feeling good, and the last trimester didn't give me any relief." – Emily A.

"I loved being pregnant, and even dreaded my due date because I didn't want it to end! I loved styling the bump, feeling the kicks and flips and knowing that I was creating something beautiful. I also loved not being alone anywhere I went." – Morgan K.

"The last month of pregnancy lasts FOREVER." – Michelle G.

"I loved being pregnant, and totally miss all of the attention!" – Sharon M.

"I hated the entire last month of pregnancy. And anyone who says otherwise is a liar." – Kristy W.

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"Nausea, exhaustion, heartburn, gestational diabetes, discomfort in general, ill-fitting clothing. No more babies for me!" – Nina C.

"During my last month of pregnancy, I felt huge and was tired of constantly being told I was huge." – Brittany P.

"I love being huge! No pressure to suck it in, eating a lot, wearing leggings all of the time. It was great!" – Dana M.

"I've never visited a bathroom as often as I did in that last month of pregnancy. So. Much. Pee." – Olivia P.

"I smile every time I realize I'm not pregnant anymore." – Brandy M.

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Photograph by: Katie Michelle Reyes

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