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10 Stunning Photos That Capture the Reality of Childbirth

Canadian photographer and doula Krista Evans captures the reality of childbirth with her powerful and emotional images. She believes it can be cathartic and healing for moms to share those images publicly, to educate and inspire other women. But not everyone agrees with her. Krista’s award-winning photos have been labeled pornographic and generated storms of controversy when published on social media sites. However, Krista is determined to keep fighting to tell the truth about birth and to challenge those who believe it should be kept behind closed doors.

“We must learn to embrace and empower women to birth how they want, where they want and with whom they want,” she says.

In that spirit, Krista has shared ten stunning photos along with her memories from ten beautiful and very different births.

“She labored so intensely yet so serenely in this shower. The water cascaded over her swollen, surging belly and gave her comfort.”

“You can feel the connection with these two. It was magic.”

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“A big sister locks eyes for the first time with her littlest love.”

“An emergency cesarean was needed to bring these twins earthside.”

“This mama is in awe that she has come full circle and her daughter has arrived”

“He held her hand and gave her strength.”

“Women are unbelievable. Our strength is palpable and gives me the shivers. Such wondrous beauty to behold.”

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“This birth partner never left her side, made her laugh when she needed and gently touched her when she craved him close.”

“The first moments of discovery after catching your own baby and pulling him to your chest.”

“Neither I nor the midwife made it to this baby boy’s arrival. He came in such a hurry, his father caught him at home!”

Find Krista on her website or on Facebook.

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Photographs by: Krista Evans

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