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Should Dads Be Live-Streaming While Moms Give Birth?

Photograph by Facebook

Most of us share our kids on social networks in some way. One California family made the news after a dad live-streamed the birth of his baby on Facebook. The 45-minute video now has over 150 thousand views and depicts a mom laboring on a hospital bed while being attended by a group of doctors and nurses.

In the end, the family welcomes a healthy baby boy. You see the baby on his mom's chest and hear those first newborn cries—instantly transporting every mom back to the day she gave birth.

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While the video is not graphic, it's sparking a discussion about what’s appropriate to share online. Seeing some negative reactions, the dad in question voiced his disbelief, describing the event as a gift of life and saying the video was made for family. The video stats demonstrate that it reached far beyond family members though, after it was shared a few hundred times, including the Facebook Newswire page. No matter what you think about sharing major life events on social media, no one can deny that the Internet's ability to spread your post often exceeds expectation.

These things have a way of taking on a life of their own.

Photograph by Facebook
I mean, beyond privacy issues, is it even possible to really be present in a moment at the same time you are capturing that moment?

A number of people commented that they felt the event was too private to share on a such a public forum. But this family is not the only one eager to share their child's entry to the world. It seems to be more common to scroll down your timeline and see someone posting a birth update, often with photos. Photos of babies shortly after being born abound. Striking (and more graphic) images of birth are also gaining social media ground, as seen on the Tribe de Mama Instagram.

Live-streaming services like the new feature on Facebook provide an opportunity to share events as they happen, though this is not without its drawbacks. We don't always know where events out of our control will take us, and sometimes real life gets, well, real. When that happens, it might be more important to be next to your wife rather than thinking of Facebook-appropriate angles.

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Photograph by Facebook

I mean, beyond privacy issues, is it even possible to really be present in a moment at the same time you are capturing that moment? That's up for debate.

In our family's case, I wanted my husband's complete focus and would not have liked him watching our baby's birth through a screen. I don't have many pictures from that day. What I do have are my memories, none of which will go viral.

In this case, I think I prefer it that way.

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Photographs by: Fakamalo Kihe Eiki/Facebook

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