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How to Survive Being Super Pregnant During the Summer Months

Pregnant woman in a pool wearing a blue bikini.
Photograph by Getty Images/Aurora Creative

Warm weather plus a baby bump … what’s a girl to do?

There's so much I love about the summer—giant slices of watermelon, late nights on the porch and 4th of July gatherings, to name a few. It’s all the best. Truly, the brightest of the whole year.

Except when summer falls during your third trimester.

Then, then it’s a whole new ball game, focused on eating ice chips and battling swollen ankles while counting down to fall.

Two of my pregnancies have seen summer during the third trimester and it isn’t something I’d wish upon anyone. It’s less than ideal to be a monstrous, sweaty version of yourself when a heat wave hits. But, I survived. And you will too! Here are a few tips from my arsenal of experience for staying hydrated, cool and sane in the heat.

Guzzle H2O

You can drink water and You. Can. Drink. Water. Guzzle, my friend, and don’t stop. Getting dehydrated is your worst enemy and to avoid that in the heat you have to be proactive. I learned that it’s much easier for me to drink copious amounts of water through a straw, and fruit-infused water is the perfect “treat” when I’m halfway through my daily goal.

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Dress For Success

Flowy, cotton, maxi dresses is where it’s at ladies. Stock up!

Ice, Ice, Baby

Soon, you’ll learn that ice is your best friend. Not just for your drinks though. Ice-filled foot soaks in the evening help immensely with swollen ankles and there's nothing better than snuggling up to a frozen ice pack when the house gets too hot to sleep.

You can drink water and You. Can. Drink. Water.

Take Advantage of Water

Cool off in the shower, the pool, in the yard with a sprinkler, with a spray bottle … whatever you need to do to avoid overheating, do it.

Get Out Early, Stay Up Late

It’s tempting to go slow in the morning, run around midday and then rest at night, but when you’re pregnant during the summer, plan the opposite. Get up while it’s still cool and do your household work or exercise then. Relax in the middle of the day, and then when it cools down again at night, muster up some energy to finish your day’s projects, if you must.

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Eat Light

During pregnancy, I have found it is crucial to eat mini meals. In the summer, that’s even more important since smaller, more frequent meals will pace your metabolism and keep your body from overexerting itself. When it comes to food, summer is good for one thing—stock up on fruits and veggies with high water content and enjoy that fresh produce!

Embrace the A/C

If you have air conditioning, crank it! If you don’t, find it … the mall, the library, a friend’s house. Being pregnant during the summer is no time to try and save a few dollars.

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