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10 Hot Baby Names for 2017

Naming a baby is the perfect balance of uniqueness and not sounding like you had a stroke while you signed the birth certificate. Here are some very hip, very trendy names that you should probably name your kid. But not me, I'm done. Little Rattata and D3tesdlg;sgla don't get another sibling.

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1. Brexit

For the fiery, independent baby who is but mostly bankrupt and a little racist.

2. Charmander

A great way to tell your friends that you only jump on trends when they are super cool.

3. Pikachu

See above.

4. Harambe

Let's hope by giving your kid this name, they don't perform feats of toddler parkour in zoos.

5. Zika

For the infectious baby that everyone freaks out over.

6. Pence

Because you are Republican but don't hate your kid enough to name him Trump.

7. Trump

God help you.

8. Bernie

All babies kind of look like angry old men anyway.

9. Clinton

For the power baby who has his own email server.

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10. Armageddon

Because why give your baby a real name when we are clearly living the end times?

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