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Vows For My Unborn Baby

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When you embark on the journey of marriage, your vows are what bond you together. But when you become a parent, the union often begins without words—because the love that forms when you become a parent is a connection as old as humanity itself. And raising a child is, in many ways, an even larger commitment and responsibility than marriage. You’re held accountable for shaping and molding them, raising them to (hopefully) be better than you are.

The promises we make to our children are instinctual—from the first moment you fold your hands over your belly in that protective, loving way to the time when they’re safely delivered in your arms and beyond. But that doesn’t mean we can’t put even more thought and intent behind them. Let these vows to your unborn child serve as a reminder of your larger purpose:

I, ______________, take you, ­­­­_______________, to be my beloved child, my flesh and blood, who will be born of my body. As I nurture you in my womb, I vow to nurture you in life.

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From this moment forward, I promise to love and cherish you, even when times are hard and sleep is lacking, when obedience is slow and lessons are hard learned.

I vow to equip you with every tool possible to help you lead the best life you can. I will always try to remember that my time with you is limited, and you will soon grow to be your own person.

I promise to respect whom you become, in the knowledge that I helped you become it.

I pledge to teach you all that I know, and to learn more in the process of parenting you, so that you may observe the best version of myself.

As you grow, I vow to mark every milestone, take too many pictures, and savor every moment. I vow to forget about the messy house and sleepless nights so that I can focus on playing and laughing with you.

I promise to love you, my child, every second of every day, out of duty and honor, as the greatest gift I have ever been given.

When you are older, I vow to admonish when necessary, only in patience, and in the effort to instruct and not harm. I will guide you in learning from mistakes and treat you with the utmost respect.

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I promise to love you unconditionally, let go when necessary, and comfort you in times of sadness and fear. I promise to encourage you in your talents, support your dreams and goals—no matter what they are—and be open and honest with you at all times.

For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, I vow to be yours even after death parts me from you. I promise to love you, my child, every second of every day, out of duty and honor, as the greatest gift I have ever been given.

As your home is now in my body, I promise to always do my best to provide that same level of protection and comfort even after you are too big to hold in the cradle of my arms.

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