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Vintage Baby Names You Don't Hear Everyday

UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 01:  Great Britain In 1951. Baby Eating  (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)
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Classic baby names are totally in style, and several have launched themselves onto the official Social Security Administration list within recent years. While names like Henry and Charlotte may be more popular overall, there are still a ton of similar names that are heard less often but would still make an excellent baby name.

Popular baby-name lists from the past are chock full of great choices for modern moms and dads. Some vintage baby names, like William and Abigail, have never really gone out of style. Other names, though, have come and gone.

That's where I come in.

These baby names don't show up in the top spots every year, and most also haven't really caught on with the recent classic baby name rage. In other words, they're the perfect choice for your baby-to-be because they're a little off the beaten track, but not so old-fashioned they really sound like your great-grandparents. And really, what better way to freshen up a baby name from decades past than bestowing it upon a newborn baby?

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Vintage names for boys:

Clayton: Strong and bold, Clayton is perfect for a baby boy, and for a grown-up as well (plus, don't forget its cute built-in nickname).

Cleveland: This name is right on the edge of the popular location-based baby name trend, but it was also used a ton back in the day as well.

Dean: This name is neat and singular, and would make a great middle name, too.

Gordon: Gordon is definitely Grandpa-strong, but perfect for a modern baby.

Harlan: This quiet classic name could honor Judge John Marshall Harlan, a Supreme Court Justice who was a staunch defender of civil rights.

Harvey: Harvey may sound a little dated, but it means "battle-worthy"—which is definitely a timeless characteristic to have.

Howard: Howard just so happens to be the name of a noble English family.

Joe: Sure, you could name your baby a more formal Joseph, but Joe is a guaranteed cute-as-pie name.

Lawrence: Lawrence often gets shortened to Larry by people searching for a nickname, but there really is no reason to shorten such a glorious name.

Leo: Leo has a fabulous ring to it, as it was the name of 13 popes and a few other amazing historical figures, like Leo Tolstoy.

Martin: This cute name is an easy two-syllable moniker with an "N" ending, fitting right in with modern trends.

Morris: Although Morris is also the name of a particular famous cat, it's also a pretty nifty name for a baby boy.

Oscar: The name Oscar is a cool customer, with just enough of a vintage vibe your baby can pull it off.

Roger: Roger means "famous spearman," and if you can think of a cooler baby name meaning than that, props to you.

Stanley: Stanley is not only an impressive name on its own, it's also the name of a historic hotel in Estes Park, Colo.

Vincent: This name sounds mature and aristocratic, but it's also classically cool.

Wallace: Since this name means "Welshman," if you have any Welsh in your family tree, this could be the name.

Warren: Warren is a great name for your rough-and-tumble baby boy.

Wesley: John and Charles Wesley may have founded Methodism, but Wesley Crusher from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" may be more familiar.

Vintage names for girls:

Ada: Simple yet elegant, Ada can also be spelled Adah for a more unique twist.

Addie: You may know a few Addisons, but back in the old days, moms and dads just named their babies Addie, and it was cute. Still is.

Annie: Anne is a popular middle name these days, but Annie would be an excellent pick in the first spot.

Bettie: Spell it Bettie or Betty, this name is old enough to be new again.

Daisy: Floral names have always been popular, which makes old-timey Daisy a nice pick.

Della: This is a vintage take on the popular name Ella.

Evelyn: This glorious name is fashionable again for modern babies.

Fern: Short and sweet, this would make an excellent middle name if it doesn't work for your girl's first.

Flora: You can't get any more flowery than the name Flora!

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Goldie: This sweet vintage name should totally be coming back into style, but if it's not, your girl will have a beautiful, unique moniker.

Hattie: This is another nickname-that-makes-a-great-first-name name—it's another version of the name Harriet.

June: June is perfectly adorable. And your baby doesn't need to be born in June to use it.

Marcella: Marcella doesn't sound super old-timey, even though it was popular decades ago.

Martha: This pretty name is the perfect choice for someone looking for a unique name.

Nora: Nora is short, but packs plenty of personality.

Pearl: Jewel names never really go out of style, and Pearl is precious enough for the contemporary baby.

Roaslie: This is a different take on the familiar name Rose, and is just as sweet as the original.

Ruby: Ruby is another jewel-type baby name that was popular ages ago, and still works well today.

Ruth: Steadfast and Biblical, this name has been popular since the 17th century.

Sadie: This name comes loaded with both sugar and spice.

And remember, no matter what baby name you choose, you've picked the perfect one.

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