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There's Finally a Pregnant Emoji! 7 Times It'll Come in Handy

On Monday, Apple released the iOS 10.2 update along with a whole slew of long-awaited emojis, including avocado, fingers crossed and pregnant woman.

Finally! I don’t know about you, but I feel my texting game has been seriously hindered by my inability to communicate my pregnancy needs via emoji to my husband. Now that my new baby is earth side, I’m feeling a little jealous of all the pregnant moms who finally get to use this emoji to communicate their very important, pregnancy-related messages.

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If you haven’t updated your iPhone in the last 24 hours, it’s time get on it. To get the update, head to the Settings Menu on your phone, select the General tab and then Software Update. From there, your phone will walk you through the necessary steps to get the most up-to-date software, along with the pregnant woman emoji, at your fingertips. Not sure how to start implementing this very important iPhone update into your everyday texting? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. When you're not ready to see the look on your in-laws' faces when they learn of your fourth pregnancy

2. When all you can think about it is the by-the-slice pizza sold 45 miles on the other side of town

3. When your husband thinks it's cute to send you the eggplant emoji when you're 39 weeks pregnant

4. When you have a very specific craving

5. When healthy eating is so not on your radar

6. When you're feeling especially huge

7. When things start getting serious

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