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Baby Girl Names Based on U.S. States

Photograph by Twenty20

Select a stately name while paying homage to your native soil or even a favorite vacation spot. There are 50 shades of red, white and blue to consider for your mini Miss America.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #243

Meaning: Farmer

If you've got Georgia on your mind, you're not alone. The Latin feminine form of George, which is at a 60-year peak in popularity, could be the perfect moniker for any little peach.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked

Meaning: Mountainous

From Yellowstone to Glacier national parks, Big Sky Country boasts some of the nation's most breathtaking scenery. This unique name, which means "mountainous" in Spanish, was last ranked in 2007.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #201

Meaning: Beautiful

Not everyone can be a California girl, but this American name—and nod to the Golden State—is perfect for any little lady. The more popular Callie (No. 186) or Kali (No. 262) are alternate spellings.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #407

Meaning: Free Man

Feminine for Charles, this German name is an alternative to the more popular Caroline (No. 58). Synonymous with high fashion (think Carolina Herrera), it touts two great states, one of which inspired James Taylor's classic song, "Carolina in My Mind."


Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked

Meaning: Good oak, little springs

This Southwestern-themed handle became a household name for "Grey's Anatomy" fans when Jessica Capshaw, who plays Dr. Arizona Robbins, joined the show in 2009. There is debate over the origin of the name—some say it stems from one of several Native American words, while others contend that it's from the Basque words "aritz ona."


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #285 (girls); #360 (boys)

Meaning: The allies

Shared by actresses Dakota Johnson and Dakota Fanning, this Native American name referring to a Sioux tribe is also sometimes used for boys.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: #581

Meaning: Virginal, pure

As the birthplace of eight U.S. presidents—more than any other state—the Commonwealth of Virginia is rich with American history. A variant of the ancient Roman name Verginia, this Latin moniker was a top-10 name in the 1920s, thanks in part to famed author Virginia Woolf.


Popularity rank in the U.S.: Not ranked

Meaning: Land of the Indians

Perfect for NASCAR and Indiana Jones fans, this Native American name is both adventurous and gender-neutral. Use "Indy" for a nickname.

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