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How to Beat Pregnancy Exhaustion When You've Got Other Kids

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Looking back, I remember the first trimester with my first baby being pretty brutal.

I was tired, nauseous, worried, exhausted, and overwhelmed. Everything was new and I’m not one who does well with the unknown.

Then I had my second first trimester with a toddler around. Then a third with two big, busy kids. Now, in the midst of my fourth first trimester, I’m practically a walking zombie.

I daydream of sleep. And saying I’m exhausted only touches the tip of the iceberg of how I feel. And yet, I’ve still got little ones in need of my attention. So, I’ve managed to delegate and survive with these tips for beating pregnancy exhaustion. They’re not perfect and they’re not curing my tiredness, but they are helping me to survive while I wait for the second trimester energy I know is around the corner!

Give Meal Delivery a Go

Have you heard of Sun Basket or Home Chef? I’ve given them both a try and can’t say enough good things about them. There are countless meal delivery services these days and they really are a lifesaver. You pick the amount of people you are trying to feed and dietary preferences and then pre-portioned ingredients arrive at your door ready to assemble into delicious and healthy meals. I’m not a genius cook by any means, but I was able to follow the steps in just 30 minutes and enjoy a nutritious meal that took minimal energy.

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And Easy Grocery Pick-Up Too

Meal delivery isn’t an option 24/7 for us. It’s cost-effective, but not the cheapest by any means. So grocery pick-up has become my other go-to. Lots of grocery stores offer online shopping now and depending on the location, you can often schedule delivery or pick-up. There's nothing like skipping the grocery store marathon with a bevy of children begging for Lucky Charms and Pop Tarts.

Exercise, But Not Like Crazy

Low-impact walks and things like yoga and swimming are real miracle workers when exhaustion is knocking at your door. Fresh air helps like no other and when you can involve your big kids, they’ll expend energy and nap better for you!

The first trimester is a time to say yes to making you and your new baby the priority.

Just Say No

The first trimester is the perfect time to exercise the power of no. No, you don’t have to host play dates. No, you don’t have to chaperone field trips. No, you don’t have to organize your kids toys or closets. Sit yourself on the couch and rest. Your kids won’t remember missing out for a month or two.

Just Say Yes

To help from friends and family. To spending a little extra money to make life more convenient. To movie days. To nap time with the kids. To early bedtimes. To temporary messes. To less requirements of yourself. The first trimester is a time to say yes to making you and your new baby the priority.

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Eat Well

Food is fuel and I feel 10 times better when I fill up on water and protein-based meals. It’s hard with kids to feed myself first, but we've all learned that a fed mama is a happier, healthier mama.

Sleep … Always

Technically, I’m a night owl. But not during my first trimester. During this short season I’m in bed by 9 p.m. and sleeping as late as I can. Thank you iPad for occupying my middle child who likes to rise with the sun! I also nap with the kids mid-day and have no shame asking my husband for a cat nap when he gets home from work.

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