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Can We All Stop Shaming Moms for Looking Good in Their Birth Photos?

Photograph by Twenty20

If a picture of my mom on the day of my birth exists, I've never seen it.

The only photograph from my birth that I've seen is of my dad holding me, wearing a very flattering yellow hospital robe over his street clothing.

Fast forward to the births of my own three children and there are SO MANY PHOTOS.

We've never hired a birth photographer, but even so, between our smartphones and our "real" camera, those three days have been well-documented.

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And I know I'm not alone, because I can hardly log into Facebook or Instagram without seeing someone holding a brand-new baby.

So I completely understand why so many women choose to get their hair cut or blown out just before their due date, get a mani-pedi, or spring for false eyelashes. And I'm not a the least bit surprised that many choose to put on a little makeup and brush their hair before the cameras start snapping.

After all, if my 900 closest friends are all going to see these photos, I'd rather look a little put together.

What I DON'T understand is the rampant shaming that I see any time a woman dares to look half-way decent in her post-birth photos.

It's one of the biggest days of your life—it's not a crime to want to look and feel somewhat human after you've pushed out a baby!

Invariably, the comments are along the lines of "Who cares about makeup when you have a brand-new baby?" or "I never looked that good when I had a baby."

If someone doesn't care what they look like in their post-birth photos, more power to them!

But why so much animosity toward those of us who do want to look a little put together in all those photos?

Aside from your wedding day, there aren't many times you'll probably be as photographed as much as the birth of your new child. And those photos will likely be shared all over the place.

If you'd like to swipe on some lipstick or sport some gel nails in those photos, you go right ahead!

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Nobody tells you on your wedding day or when looking at your wedding photos, "This day is supposed to be about MARRIAGE! Why are you focused so much on your hair and dress and flowers?" Nobody snarks on a bride who gets a mani-pedi the week of her wedding or takes her bridesmaids to get their hair and makeup done before the ceremony.

It's one of the biggest days of your life—it's not a crime to want to look and feel somewhat human after you've pushed out a baby!

There's no reason you can't be focused on the arrival of your new baby AND take a few minutes to put on some blush and mascara. You can be overwhelmed by love for your child and also brush your hair.

Whether you're sporting a double set of false eyelashes or a double set of under-eye bags, can't we all just comment on how sweet that new baby is and move on without an unkind comment?

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