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6 Creative Ways Families Shared Pregnancy News With Their Kids

Photograph by Twenty20

Back in the day, my husband and I had the joy of sharing the news of our first pregnancy with our parents and siblings. We planned surprises for both sides of the family and watched in awe as the excitement of a new family member washed over their faces!

It was wonderful, but what beats it by far is sharing that same news with our older children. The reactions from my four and six-year-old as they realized that a baby was in Mommy’s tummy was priceless. The questions that followed, even more so.

It's an intimate and memorable moment when parents have the opportunity to tell their children that they’re becoming a big brother or sister. Whether it’s the first time or beyond, kids have no shame sharing their extreme excitement or honest devastation over their promotion in the family line-up!

Here’s how a few families have creatively shared their pregnancy news with their big kids …

A Special Shirt

The most popular “We’re Having a Baby” reveal involves a new t-shirt for the youngest member of the family. My son’s first birthday fell just days after I got a positive pregnancy test, so I wrapped up a t-shirt that read “Super Cool Big Bro” and let my older daughter help him open that specific gift. She read the shirt, asked if it was for her baby brother and then exclaimed, “What?!? He’s a big brother?!? We’re having ANOTHER baby!!!”

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A Sweet Debut

Katherine R. had always told her children that if another baby was going to join their family, they’d find a tiny little baby (like the ones you’d use for decorations at a baby shower) in a sweet treat. So sure enough, when she got confirmation that she was pregnant, she baked cupcakes, scooped out the middle, placed a baby figurine inside and topped it with icing. As her family bit into their cupcakes they soon knew that the family was growing.

If your soon-to-be big siblings are young, meet them where they are and broach the subject with something familiar.

Let Dad Take the Limelight

It’s not just Mom’s news when a new little one is on the way! Maggie E. let her husband announce their pregnancy at a family dinner. With a big grin he said, “Guess what? MOM IS PREGNANT!” The element of surprise thrilled everyone!

Embrace the Holidays

If the timing is right, use the joy of the holidays to share the news with your children like Chaunie B. did. When she was newly expecting, she wrapped up a letter from Santa and gave it to her big kids as the final gift of the day. Santa’s letter announced one of the best gifts ever—a new baby! Chaunie’s parents happened to be there too so it was extra special to share in the excitement together.

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A Themed Dinner

Hannah D. presented her family with a specifically themed meal of baby back ribs, roasted baby carrots, and a baby spinach salad topped with with baby corn. It took them a bit to catch on but when Hannah asked, “Why would we have all these baby foods for dinner on the same night?” Her oldest shrieked, “BECAUSE YOU’RE HAVING A BABY?!?” Nailed it.

Get On Their Level

If your soon-to-be big siblings are young, meet them where they are and broach the subject with something familiar. That’s what Mandy L. did with her son. She bought him a Daniel Tiger book that shared the story of Daniel becoming a big brother to baby Margaret. On the inside cover she wrote, “You’re going to be a great big brother to your new little sister!” Mandy said that his face totally lit up when he read the word ‘sister’!

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