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The Top 100 Boy Names

Photograph by Twenty20

1. Noah

Meaning: To comfort

Origin: Hebrew

Noah has successfully emerged from its old-fashioned biblical name shadow to become the new "it" boy name du jour. In case you live under a rock, the Noah of the Old Testament was told by God to build an ark and load it up with his family and animals two-by-two to save themselves during the Great Flood - after which they repopulated the entire planet. Pretty impressive, no?

Famous namesakes: Actor Noah Wyle

2. Liam

Meaning: Resolute protector

Origin: Irish

Both the Irish moniker and the actor Liam Neeson seem to have both made a major comeback at the same time. While one has firmly established himself as the go-to guy for older-man-seeking-revenge-and-kicking-butt films, the other has jumped on the Irish name bandwagon that parents are just going gaga over right now. As a short form of William, Liam has just the right amount of charm and strength to make it all the way to the #1 spot.

Famous namesakes: Actor Liam Neeson, Actor Liam Hemsworth, Singer Liam Payne

3. Jacob

Meaning: Supplanter

Origin: Hebrew

After 13 long years, classic Jacob has finally given up his #1 spot and slipped a few notches. While Jacob's always been a go-to boy's name, it definitely experienced a major boost in popularity after a certain very buff werewolf made his appearance in the Twilight novels and subsequent films. It's also a biblical name referencing one of the most important figures in the Old Testament whose 12 sons spawned the 12 tribes of Israel.

Famous namesakes: Athlete Jacob Bell, Actor Jacob Vargas, Actor Jacob Young

4. Mason

Meaning: Stone worker

Origin: English

As the name of Kourtney Kardashian's firstborn, Mason is now a part of pop culture history. At its peak popularity in 2011, it was #2 and has managed to stay in theTop 5 years later. Kardashian isn't the only celeb to select this name for their son, other parents of Masons include Melissa Joan Hart and Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Famous namesakes: NBA player Mason Plumlee

5. William

Meaning: Resolute protector

Origin: English

From a real-life Prince to the Fresh Prince to a Bard to an Oscar-winning actor, this classic name has quite the long and storied pedigree. Literary geniuses William Blake and William Faulkner and William the Conqueror and several American presidents all share the timeless moniker, making sure this is one name that will never get old.

Famous namesakes: Prince William, Actor Will Smith, Actor William Hurt, Actor William H. Macy, Playwright William Shakespeare

6. Ethan

Meaning: Strong, Firm

Origin: English

There's something about Ethan that just screams sweet but hip, as evidenced by all the cool boys that bear the name - from 90s heartthrob Ethan Hawke to irreverent director Ethan Coen and the original good-bad boy himself, Revolutionary Ethan Allen (not the chain of furniture stores.)

Famous namesakes: Actor Ethan Hawke, Director and screenwriter Ethan Coen, Actor Ethan Embry, American revolutionary Ethan Allen

7. Michael

Meaning: Who is like God

Origin: Hebrew

The oh-so-ubiquitous Michael is a tried and true classic. A biblical name referencing the leader of the angels who led and won a war against the Devil (pretty bad ass, right?) Michael was the #1 name in America for almost half a century. While its slipped a few notches to make room for some trendier monikers, this is a name that's not leaving the top anytime soon.

Famous namesakes: Singer Michael Jackson, Actor Michael Douglas, Basketball player Michael Jordan, Actor Michael Caine, Actor Michael J. Fox, Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev

8. Alexander

Meaning: Defender of the people

Origin: Greek

From world conqueror Alexander the Great to the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, not to mention a handful of kings and seven - yes, seven - popes, the history of Alexander is quite storied, indeed.

Famous namesakes: Inventor Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander the Great, Athlete Alex Rodriguez, Screenwriter Alexander Payne

9. Jayden

Meaning: Thankful

Origin: Hebrew

Certainly more trendy than classic, Jayden is a combination of also trendy Aiden and Jason or Jay. This particular spelling variation was used by pop star Britney Spears for her youngest son, however that tidbit may sway you.

Famous namesakes: Actor and rapper Jaden Smith

10. Daniel

Meaning: God is my judge

Origin: Hebrew

In the Bible, the prophet Daniel gets tossed into a den with lions and miraculously survives. As if that wasn't enough to cement his special status in history, he was next tossed into a fiery furnace and lived through that as well. So if heroic fearlessness and miracles are your thing, Daniel's your man.

Famous namesakes: Actor Daniel Day-Lewis, Actor Daniel Radcliffe, Actor Danny DeVito, Actor Danny Aiello, Frontiersman Daniel Boone

11. Elijah

Meaning: The Lord is my God

Origin: Hebrew

No ordinary old man death for the prophet Elijah. In the Bible, he was swept up to Heaven by a chariot of fire. Now a popular name choice for boys, Elijah has a certain vintage country charm that's proving irresistible to scores of parents nationwide.

Famous namesakes: Actor Elijah Wood

12. Aiden

Meaning: Little, Fiery

Origin: Irish

Between all of the spelling variations out there, Aiden shoots right to the top of this list. It was originally a pet form of the name Aodh, the old Celtic god of sun and fire. With a name like that, you best be prepared for quite the little ball of energy. But don't let that fool you - Aiden's have been known throughout history for their gentle kindness.

Famous namesakes: Actor Aiden Quinn, Irish St. Aidan

13. James

Meaning: Supplanter

Origin: English

One of the most popular names in the world, James has been the namesake of influential people for centuries. The name is biblical, royal, presidential, and shared by countless others that have left their mark in history. Not to mention, there's some great opportunity for nicknames - Jimmy, Jamie, Jimbo - and the list goes on.

Famous namesakes: President James Buchanan, Musician James "Jimi" Hendrix, Actor James "Jim" Parsons, Author James Patterson, Actor James Franco

14. Benjamin

Meaning: Son of the Right Hand

Origin: Hebrew

It's all about the Benjamin's, baby. The name Benjamin has been around since biblical times, particularly the youngest son of Jacob and one of the founders of the 12 tribes of Israel. It's warm and elegant, yet also has the advantage of the friendly nickname, Ben.

Famous namesakes: Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, Actor Ben Affleck, Actor Ben Stiller

15. Matthew

Meaning: Gift of God

Origin: Hebrew

Matthew is another biblical name that has received a surge of popularity in the U.S. It's the perfect balance between safe and confident, yet far more interesting than James or John. With the option of the classic nickname, Matt, some parents have turned to more exotic alternatives like Matteo and Matthias.

Famous namesakes: Matthew the Apostle, Actor Matt Damon, Actor Matthew Broderick, Poet Matthew Arnold

16. Jackson

Meaning: Son of Jack

Origin: English

Jackson means exactly what it sounds like, "Jack's son." This hip-sounding boy name is a huge hit among celebrity parents as evidenced by Charlize Theron, Spike Lee, Carson Daly, Maya Rudolph, Scott Wolf and Katey Segal all naming their boys Jackson.

Famous namesakes: Artist Jackson Pollack, Actor Jackson Rathbone

17. Logan

Meaning: Little hollow

Origin: Scottish

Logan is part bad-boy, part charmer and 100% popular. While it's mega-popular in its originating country of Scotland, ranking at #6, it's quickly risen to the top of the name ranks in the U.S. as well. And the name is still considered unisex, although there are considerably more male Logans than females. A small tidbit Dads will love: Logan is also the real first name of the X-Men's Wolverine.

Famous namesakes: Actor Logan Marshall-Green, Athlete Logan Mankins

18. David

Meaning: Dearly loved

Origin: Hebrew

This timeless name harkens back to David and the Goliath days and has remained relevant with celebrity namesakes ranging from the original bad-ass, Davy Crocket to super hot soccer star David Beckham and a million actors in between. And what child wouldn't love a name that means "dearly loved"?

Famous namesakes: Athlete David Beckham, Rock star David Bowie, Show host David Letterman, Actor David Arquette, Actor David Hasselhoff, Actor David Schwimmer, Actor David Allen Greer, Musician David Lee Roth, Frontiersman Davy Crockett

19. Anthony

Meaning: Priceless one

Origin: Latin

Lucky Anthony is one of those names that doesn't ever know what it's like to be unpopular. A Roman name that harkens way back to the days of Antony and Cleopatra, it also comes preloaded with the Italian mobster-ready nickname Tony.

Famous namesakes: Actor Anthony Hopkins, Actor Anthony Perkins, Actor Anthony Quinn, Actor Antonio Banderas, Composer Antonin Dvorak, Musician Anthony Kiedis, Actor Anthony Anderson

20. Joseph

Meaning: Jehovah increases

Origin: Hebrew

Joseph's been in the Top 15 almost every year since 1980. Not only was he the son of Jacob who ended up ruling Egypt, but Joseph was the husband of the Virgin Mary as well. This dual-religion significance makes a name like Joseph friendly and trustworthy.

Famous namesakes: Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Vice President Joseph Biden, Musician Joseph "Joe" Jonas

21. Joshua

Meaning: The Lord is my salvation

Origin: Hebrew

A Top 10 name from 1983 to 2010, Joshua has biblical roots that lend a relaxed, respectable feel. But because of the name's popularity, your Joseph might not be the only one in class.

Famous namesakes: Actor Josh Brolin, Singer Josh Groban, Actor Josh Hutcherson

22. Andrew

Meaning: Manly, Brave

Origin: Greek

There isn't a name more timeless than good ol' Andrew. With cultural ties all over the world, there's certainly no shortage of nicknames, either. Andy and Drew are popular in the U.S., while manifestations like Andreas and Anders are admired overseas.

Famous namesakes: Artist Andy Warhol, President Andrew Jackson, Actor Andy Griffith

23. Lucas

Meaning: Light

Origin: French

Lucas is a name that transcends cultures worldwide. With meaning so friendly and welcoming, he's sure to light up any room he walks into.

Famous namesakes: Actor Lucas Till, Actor Lucas Grabeel, Historia Lucas Bolsius

24. Gabriel

Meaning: God is my strength

Origin: Hebrew

What's not to love about Gabriel? Originating from the archangel who delivered the news of Jesus' birth, there's hardly a name so angelic. With Spanish roots as well, Gabriel has seen a boost in popularity over the last few years - particularly with the U.S. nickname of Gabe.

Famous namesakes: Prince Gabriel of Belgium, Comedian Gabriel Iglesias, Actor Gabriel Byrne

25. Samuel

Meaning: Told by God

Origin: Hebrew

Samuel has long been a popular name since biblical times. He was the one of the great judges and prophets of the Israelites, and was set for a holy life from birth. The friendly nickname Sam has brought it to the top of the list for several years.

Famous namesakes: Actor Samuel L. Jackson, Writer Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), Baseball Player Sammy Sosa

26. Christopher

Meaning: Bearer of Christ

Origin: Greek/Latin

Christopher offers and strong and confident image, while lending itself to a soft, welcoming side. Many American parents have adopted this name along with the omnipresent nickname Chris. Though in recent years, Topher has made a run as a popular alternative.

Famous namesakes: Director Christopher Nolan, Actor Christopher Walken

27. John

Meaning: God is gracious

Origin: Hebrew

Kind-hearted and trustworthy, John is a straight arrow. For almost four centuries, John has reigned as one of the most popular boy names around the world. But in recent years, it's fallen from the Top 25 as the name has been adopted for familial over stylistic reasons.

Famous namesakes: St. John, Author John Updike, Actor Johnny Depp, Musician John Lennon

28. Dylan

Meaning: Son of the sea

Origin: Welsh

A name brought forth from the sea, Dylan was a Welsh sea god who commanded European waters to weep when he died. The name has since come to popularity in the U.S., accompanied by the alternative spelling Dillon. But because of this, your Dylan might not be the only one on the block.

Famous namesakes: Actor Dylan Sprouse, Actor Dylan Walsh, Musician Bob Dylan

29. Isaac

Meaning: Laughter

Origin: Hebrew

A popular name in both Hebrew and Puritan cultures, many Isaac's have found their homes with American families. In the Old Testament, Isaac was the son of Sarah and Abraham, a couple so old that the news of the child provoked laughter from the town, giving the name its meaning.

Famous namesakes: Author Isaac Asimov, Physicist Isaac Newton, Musician Isaac Hayes

30. Ryan

Meaning: Little king

Origin: Irish

Ryan is a name that sailed over from Europe, and has been in the Top 30 for over 40 years. If your child might one day rule over his land of stuffed animals, this may be a good fit. Though in recent years Ryan has been adopted as a girl's name as well, it is primarily used as a name for a boy.

Famous namesakes: Personality Ryan Seacrest, Actor Ryan Gosling, Actor Ryan Reynolds

31. Nathan

Meaning: Given

Origin: Hebrew

As he goes through school, your Nathan might be surprised to learn the history of namesakes that have come before him. Prophets, princes, patriots and spies top the list of Nathan's he might find in his textbooks. The name also allows for a more formal Nathaniel, or the ever-popular Nate.

Famous namesakes: Patriot Nathan Hale, Actor Nathan Kress, Athlete Nathan Adrian

32. Carter

Meaning: Drives a cart

Origin: English

Though the meaning might not be glamorous, Carter's have been popping up all over the American Midwest. The entertainment industry also seems to be quite a fan, with hot characters by the name in both "Gossip Girl" and "The OC".

Famous namesakes: Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Actor Carter Jenkins, Model Carter Oosterhouse

33. Caleb

Meaning: Devotion to God

Origin: Hebrew

Caleb is a name of biblical proportions, following just behind Jacob and Noah. While the literal meaning translates to "dog", it comes from the words "loyal" and "faithful", both of which are used to describe our furry friends.

Famous namesakes: Novelist Caleb Carr, Athlete Caleb Sun, Diplomat Caleb Crushing

34. Luke

Meaning: Light giving

Origin: Greek

Like it's older brother, Lucas, Luke is a name that shines as bright as a star. Movie star, that is. Luke Skywalker, Cool Hand Luke, Luke Duke, and the list goes on.

Famous namesakes: St. Luke, Actor Luke Wilson, Actor Luke Hemsworth

35. Christian

Meaning: Follower of Christ

Origin: Greek

Cool and friendly, there's a reason why Christian is the name chosen for the entertainment industry's smoothest leads. Christian Grey, Christian Shepherd, and Christian Troy are just a few that round out the list. It originally came to popularity in the Middle Ages as a name for a girl, but has been embraced by the U.S. as a popular boy's name.

Famous namesakes: Actor Christian Bale, Designer Christian Dior, Designer Christian Louboutin

36. Hunter

Meaning: One who hunts

Origin: English

Hunter has the advantage of both the macho man image and underlying gentler vibes. This combo has allowed it to steadily grow in popularity over the last decade.

Famous namesakes: Actor Hunter Foster, Musician Hunter Thomsen, Journalist Hunter S. Thompson

37. Henry

Meaning: Estate ruler

Origin: German

Henry has a long history of influential namesakes. All of the British kings named Henry right down to the current Prince Henry, not to mention the great minds of Henry David Thoreau and Henry Ford.

Famous namesakes: Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Prince Henry of Wales, Actor Henry Winkler

38. Owen

Meaning: Young warrior

Origin: Celtic

Owen's one of those names that's been loved by parents for centuries. Once largely popular just among Celtic families, the name has seen a resurgence in country's all over the world.

Famous namesakes: Actor Owen Wilson, Writer Owen Wister, Hockey Player Owen Nolan

39. Landon

Meaning: Long hill

Origin: English

A popular surname for years in Europe, Landon has made it's way to America with warm reception. The name is a unique approach to similar one's like Brandon and Ethan, and still carries a trustworthy image.

Famous namesakes: Football Player Landon Cohen, Baseball Player Landon Powell, Hockey Player Landon Wilson

40. Jack

Meaning: God is gracious

Origin: English

Once a popular nickname for John, Jack has climbed the beanstalk to stand on its own for the last several years. How did the name come about? It went from John to Johnkin to Jankin to Jackin to Jack. That's how.

Famous namesakes: Actor Jack Nicholson, Author Jack Kerouac, Author Jack London

41. Wyatt

Meaning: Brave in war

Origin: English

Wyatt is one of those names that's grown up through the Wild West. The rugged cowboy appeal with respectable character is why Wyatt is loved by so many American parents.

Famous namesakes: Author Wyatt Emory Cooper, Actor Wyatt Hawn Russell, Frontiersman Wyatt Earp

42. Jonathan

Meaning: Gift of Jehovah

Origin: Hebrew

While Jonathan is thought to have originally been a more formal version of John, it's actually formal for the Hebrew name Nathan. Either way you spin it, the name has been slowly losing popularity since it came to fame in the 50's.

Famous namesakes: Pundit Jonathan "Jon" Stewart, Actor Jon Hamm, Author Jonathan Swift

43. Eli

Meaning: Ascended, Uplifted

Origin: Hebrew

Once just a nickname for the ever-popular Elijah, Eli has become a widely embraced name in its own right. In the Old Testament, Eli was the High Priest of Israel who instructed the young Samuel. Now many people associate the name with professional football player Eli Manning.

Famous namesakes: Football player Elisha "Eli" Manning, Director Eli Roth, Inventor Eli Whitney

44. Isaiah

Meaning: Salvation of the Lord

Origin: Hebrew

Quite possibly the most important prophet in the Bible, Isaiah has seen steady popularity in Europe. The name has only started to gain traction in the U.S. in recent years, but is steadily making its way to the front of the pack.

Famous namesakes: Actor Isaiah Washington, Musician Isaiah Owens, Athlete Isaiah Thomas

45. Sebastian

Meaning: Revered

Origin: Latin

You don't have to go looking under the sea to find a significant Sebastian. In fact, Shakespeare liked the name so much that he named characters in two of his plays Sebastian ("Twelfth Night" and "The Tempest"). It's high on the list in many European countries, and has recently been making a comeback in the U.S.

Famous namesakes: Athlete Sebastian Telfair, Model Sebastian Suave, Musician Sebastian Bach

46. Jaxon

Meaning: Son of Jack

Origin: English

Reminiscent of presidential glory days, Jaxon gives an edge to a classic and whole-hearted name. This spelling certainly adds a unique twist, so you can rest assured that there won't be too many other Jaxon's in his class.

Famous namesakes: "Sons of Anarchy" Character Jax Teller

47. Julian

Meaning: Youthful

Origin: Latin

Hailing back to Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, the name Julian commands a great sense of respect and masculinity. The added exoticness that comes along with it has allowed the name to peak all over the world in recent years.

Famous namesakes: Musician Julian Lennon, Actor Julian Adams, Musician Julian Mandrake

48. Brayden

Meaning: Salmon

Origin: Irish

Brayden is one of the most popular alternative spellings to the timeless Aiden, so much so that the name has had several spinoffs of its own: Braden, Braydon, Braedon and Bradyn round out the list of favorites.

Famous namesakes: Football player Brayden "Brady" Quinn, Hockey player Brayden Schenn

49. Gavin

Meaning: White hawk

Origin: Celtic

Superstars Gavin DeGraw and Gavin Rossdale have catapulted this name into the limelight. A favorite alternative to Kevin, Gavin has seen a huge spike in popularity recently.

Famous namesakes: Musican Gavin DeGraw, Musician Gavin Bush, Musician Gavin Rossdale

50. Levi

Meaning: Joined, attached

Origin: Hebrew

We're not talking just a pair of jeans, here. Levi has been making his way up the charts with new families—particularly receiving a lot of attention as the chosen name for the sons of Matthew McConaughey and Sheryl Crow.

Famous namesakes: Author Levi Asher, Activist Levi Coffin, American Inventor Levi Strauss

51. Aaron

Meaning: High mountain, Enlightened

Origin: Hebrew

Aaron has been bouncing in and out of the Top 50 for a couple decades now. In the Bible, Aaron is Moses' older brother who became Israel's first High Priest. The strong masculinity of the name couples with gentle double vowels to give it a dynamic appeal.

Famous namesakes: Composer Aaron Copland, Musician Aaron Lewis, Football player Aaron Hernandez

52. Oliver

Meaning: Olive tree, Peaceful

Origin: Latin

One of the most popular names in England at the moment, Oliver has been making his way over to the U.S. lately. With a classy and stylish image, there's no wonder the name has caught on for future gentlemen.

Famous namesakes: Director Oliver Stone, Physician Oliver Wendell Holmes, Actor Oliver Reed

53. Jordan

Meaning: Flowing down

Origin: Hebrew

Jordan is one of those names that has been widely adopted by both boys and girls since its conception. There's no doubt that some of the U.S. acclaim has come from NBA superstar Michael Jordan.

Famous namesakes: Singer Jordan Knight, Stock brokerJordan Belfort

54. Nicholas

Meaning: People of victory

Origin: Greek

The history of Nicholas goes all the way back to the patron saint of schoolchildren, who would later go on to be good ol' Saint Nick. The name also has Greek ties, stemming from the goddess of victory, Nike. Many new parents choose Nicholas for the endless possibilities of nicknames: Nick, Nicky, Nico, Klaus, and Cole are a few favorites.

Famous namesakes: Singer Nick Jonas, Actor Nicolas Cage, Novelist Nicholas Sparks

55. Evan

Meaning: The Lord is gracious

Origin: Welsh

Evan has been a popular name in Wales since the 19th century, as it's the Welsh version of the always classic John. The name has a relaxed feel, which explains its recent boom in the U.S. with parents across the country.

Famous namesakes: Actor Evan Peters, Baseball player Evan Longoria, Actor Evan Handler

56. Connor

Meaning: Lover of hounds

Origin: Irish

Connor is the perfect fit for any dog-loving family. With Irish roots that translate to "lover of hounds," Connor is the fifth most popular name in Ireland. The name has steadily been growing in popularity in the U.S. over the last few years, hanging out around the Top 60.

Famous namesakes: Actor Connor Paolo, Musician Connor Ball, Actor Connor Cruise

57. Charles

Meaning: Free man

Origin: French

The history of Charles is rich with royal blood. Dating all the way back to emperor Charlemagne, the original Charles the Great, distinguished families around the world have passed the name down through their lineage. While the nickname Charlie is wildly popular in the U.S., international versions include Carlos, Xarles, Chariot and Chaz.

Famous namesakes: Author Charles Dickens, Animator Charles "Chuck" Jones, Naturalist Charles Darwin, Actor Charlie Sheen

58. Jeremiah

Meaning: Appointed by God

Origin: Hebrew

Far surpassing close relatives Jeremy, Gerard, and Jerome, Jeremiah has been steadily climbing the charts in several countries. In the Bible, he is a prophet who recorded his life's story in the book named after him.

Famous namesakes: Football player Jeremiah Trotter, Politician Jeremiah Morrow, Baseball player Jeremiah Reardon

59. Cameron

Meaning: Crooked nose

Origin: Scottish

Despite its unfortunate meaning, Cameron has been an incredibly popular name in the U.S. and Europe for both boys and girls. Several Hollywood characters have been toting the name, including characters in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "Modern Family."

Famous namesakes: Director Cameron Crowe, Football player Cameron Wake, Rapper Cameron Thomaz (Wiz Khalifa)

60. Adrian

Meaning: Man of Adria

Origin: Latin

Adrian is a name with smooth and strong undertones, which make it exceptionally personable. The name tops the charts in Spain, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, while still steadily climbing in the U.S.

Famous namesakes: Baseball player Adrian Gonzalez, Football player Adrian Clayborn, Actor Adrian Grenier

61. Thomas

Meaning: Twin

Origin: Aramaic

Another one of those classic boy names, there will be no shortage of inspirational Thomases for your little guy to look up to one day. From inventor Thomas Edison to President Thomas Jefferson to the original little rascal Tom Sawyer, the list goes on and on. And we can't forget childhood favorite Thomas the Tank Engine, either.

Famous namesakes: Actor Tom Hanks, Actor Tom Cruise, Inventor Thomas Edison, President Thomas Jefferson, Athlete Tom Brady, Anchorman Tom Brokaw, Actor Tom Hiddleston, Actor Thomas Gibson, Actor Tom Felton, Singer Tom Petty

62. Robert

Meaning: Bright fame

Origin: English

Robert is one of those classic names that's been in the Top 25 for an entire century, and reached No. 1 status in both 1925 and 1950. Now the moniker is considered more on the bland side of baby name choices, but that there will always be parents that gravitate towards timeless names that will never sound too trendy or overused.

Famous namesakes: Actor Robert DeNiro, Actor Robert Downey Jr., Actor Robert Duvall, Actor Robert Redford, Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, Confederate General Robert E. Lee, Poet Robert Frost, Senator Robert Kennedy

63. Tyler

Meaning: Tile maker

Origin: English

There was a period of time (namely the 80s and 90s) when this English occupational name was the boy name du jour. While it's no longer a Top 10 choice like it once was, Tyler is still a name that parents keep selecting over and over again.

Famous namesakes: Actor/Director Tyler Perry, Athlete Tyler Hughes, Chef Tyler Florence

64. Colton

Meaning: From the coal town

Origin: English

If a name could have swagger, Colton would definitely have it in spades. Part rough and tumble cowboy and part 80s soap opera character, this two-syllable name has just enough star-factor to keep it steady in the Top 100 for years to come.

Famous namesakes: Actor Colton Haynes

65. Austin

Meaning: Great, Magnificent

Origin: Latin

Austin joins Brooklyn, London and Sydney as another one of those city names that's becoming oh-so-trendy amongst parents in the know. But did you know it's also a short version of the much more serious Augustine? And while the name slipped in popularity during the heyday of the ridiculous "Austin Powers" films, its slowly climbed its way back into parents' good graces once more.

Famous namesakes: Actor Austin Butler, Actor Austin Nichols, Athlete Austin Collie

66. Jace

Meaning: The Lord is Salvation

Origin: Hebrew

While Jace sounds more like a nickname than a full name, enough parents obviously disagree since it's not firmly ensconced in the Top 100. It's also the name that "Teen Mom 2" star Janelle Evans selected for her son.

Famous namesakes: Actor Jace Norman

67. Angel

Meaning: Celestial being

Origin: Spanish

A very popular name in the Spanish-speaking community, Angel can either be pronounced "AHN-Hel," or the more traditional celestial being way, "AIN-Jell"… as in Angel the hunky vampire from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Famous namesakes: Soccer player Angel Di Maria

68. Dominic

Meaning: Belonging to God

Origin: Latin

Back in the olden days, Dominic used to be a name given to boys who were born on a Sunday—hence the meaning "belonging to the Lord." Nowadays, it either conjures up a refined British gentleman or a juiced-up beefcake from New Jersey, so take your pick.

Famous namesakes: Actor Dominic Monaghan, Actor Dominic Cooper, Actor Dominic West, Basketball player Dominique Wilkins

69. Josiah

Meaning: God Supports

Origin: Hebrew

Sometimes it truly is he who waits the longest who gets the biggest reward. Josiah is one of the many long-forgotten Bible names that's coming into vogue in recent years. In the Bible, Josiah became the king of Judah at the ripe old age of eight. Yup, eight. And in more relatively contemporary history, Josiah is also the first name of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Not too shabby.

Famous namesakes: American musician Josiah Hawley

70. Brandon

Meaning: From the beacon hill

Origin: English

If you grew up in the 90s, this name totally brings to mind Brandon Walsh, the boy next door who everyone wanted to marry on the original "Beverly Hills, 90210" (yes, there was an original.) Since its peak in popularity back then, the name has slowly but surely been slipping in rank making it feel like a slightly outdated choice.

Famous namesakes: Musician Brandon Flowers, Actor Brandon Routh, Athlete Brandon Jackson

71. Ayden

Meaning: Fiery one

Origin: Irish

A spelling variation of the ever-popular Aiden, Ayden is totally jumping on the "y" bandwagon along with similar names Cayden, Brayden and Jayden.

Famous namesakes: Actor Ayden Callaghan

72. Kevin

Meaning: Handsome

Origin: Irish

Kevin was one of those Hollywood heartthrob names back in the 80s (think Costner, Bacon and Kline here) but now it seems more suited for a middle-aged man than a bouncing baby boy.

Famous namesakes: Actor Kevin Costner, Actor Kevin Bacon, Actor Kevin Spacey, Actor Kevin Kline, Musician Kevin Jonas, Director Kevin Smith, Athlete Kevin Love

73. Zachary

Meaning: The Lord remembered

Origin: Hebrew

Zachary is a prolific boys name with a lot of serious history behind it. In the Bible, there are eight guys named Zacchaeus, the most well-known one being the father of John the Baptist. And for political cred, there's former U.S. President Zachary Taylor. While this name was super popular in the 80s and 90s, it's been waning over the years, which may actually lend to its appeal for some parents.

Famous namesakes: Actor Zachary Scott, Actor Zachary Quinto, President Zachary Taylor, Actor Zachery Ty Bryan

74. Parker

Meaning: Park-keeper

Origin: English

Another one of those oh-so-popular unisex names, Parker has a slight Fifth Avenue ring to it that may or may not appeal to you. One of those English occupational names, the name means exactly like it sounds: a park keeper. While not the most notable of meanings, it hasn't taken a toll on Parker's popularity over the years.

Famous namesakes: Actor Parker Stevenson

75. Blake

Meaning: Dark or fair

Origin: English

A once cool boys-only name is creeping its way into unisex territory thanks to "Gossip Girl" actress Blake Lively. But don't worry, there are still plenty of famous Blakes out there from a country singer to a basketball player, so it'll remain a boy's name for many years to come. And, no, you didn't read that wrong, Blake can actually mean both being "dark" and "fair"—perfect for the indecisive parents-to-be.

Famous namesakes: Country singer Blake Shelton, Basketball player Blake Griffin, Singer Blake Lewis, Reality TV star Blake Jenner, Director Blake Edwards

76. José

Meaning: May God increase

Origin: Spanish

The Joe of the Spanish-speaking community, José has yet to really catch on outside of Hispanic families.

Famous namesakes: Baseball player José Conseco, Actor José Ferrer, Spanish opera singer José Carreras

77. Chase

Meaning: Huntsman

Origin: English

Let's call a spade a spade - Chase has one of those uppity Wall Street vibes going for it that parents either love to hate or hate to love. There are also, fittingly, many professional athletes named Chase.

Famous namesakes: Football player Chase Blackford, Football player Chase Coffman, Football player Chase Daniel

78. Grayson

Meaning: Son of the judge; son of the gray-haired man

Origin: English

We're calling it: This is one name that's just warming up and is going to be blazing hot soon. It's hip yet strong and just unique enough to make you think your son will be the only Grayson around. If you watch the nighttime soap drama "Revenge," Grayson is also the last name of the prominent family that's the target of all of the mind-boggling vengeance.

Famous namesakes: Social media personality Grayson Dolan

79. Jason

Meaning: To heal

Origin: Greek

While there may be a ton of middle-aged men named Jason (thanks to its über-popular status in the 70s,) there won't be quite as many boys on the playground sharing this moniker as you may think. In Greek mythology, Jason is the leader of the Argonauts who venture on a quest to find the Golden Fleece. (Spoiler alert: he finds it, but then dies a pathetically tragic death in the end)

Famous namesakes: Singer Jason Derulo, Actor Jason Segel

80. Ian

Meaning: God is gracious

Origin: Scottish

Did you know Ian is the Scottish version of the tried-and-true John? Well, now you do. As a boy's name, it's short and sweet and a safe choice (i.e. no obvious playground taunts here.)

Famous namesakes: Actor Ian McKellen, Actor Ian Ziering, James Bond writer Ian Fleming

81. Bentley

Meaning: Meadow with coarse grass

Origin: English

A luxury car brand and the name of your future son? This previously off-the-radar name has experienced an enormous surge in popularity in recent years thanks to Maci Bookman of reality TV show "Teen Mom" fame who named her son this. Seriously.

Famous namesakes:

82. Adam

Meaning: Son of the red earth

Origin: Hebrew

The first man—nay, person—EVER to walk the earth, Adam is supposedly from where we're all spawned. It's also a boy's name that's had a swift fall from the top as parents gravitate for trendier, but similar sounding names like Aiden.

Famous namesakes: Actor Adam Sandler, Singer Adam Lambert, Singer Adam Levine, Actor Adam Driver, British pop singer Adam Ant, Scottish philosopher Adam Smith

83. Xavier

Meaning: New house, bright

Origin: Basque

This X name has major comic book cred thanks to Professor X who led and founded the X-Men. And while its been on a popularity rollercoaster ride, it's currently on an upward swing, making this one boy name to watch.

Famous namesakes: Politician Xavier Becerra

84. Cooper

Meaning: Barrel maker

Origin: English

Friendly yet upscale, Cooper is one of the first occupational last names to really take off in the U.S. and Australia. Popular namesakes like journalist Anderson Cooper and actor Bradley Cooper put this name right in the spotlight.

Famous namesakes: Journalist Anderson Cooper, Actor Bradley Cooper, Musician Alice Cooper

85. Justin

Meaning: Fair, Righteous

Origin: Latin

Once overly popular in the 1980s, Justin is a fresh take on other J names like Jason and Jeremy. The rise of pop culture heartthrobs Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber have certainly made this name one to swoon over.

Famous namesakes: Musician/Actor Justin Timberlake, Singer Justin Bieber, Actor Justin Long

86. Nolan

Meaning: Famous and noble

Origin: Gaelic

Warm and friendly and on the rise in the U.S., Canada, Belgium and France, Nolan is truly a champion. Nolan is more popular than its traditional Irish counterparts Conan and Ronan and has gained a circle of noteworthy namesakes, including a famed fashion designer, a genius child actor and several athletes.

Famous namesakes: Baseball player Nolan Ryan, Actor Nolan Gould, Founder of Chuck E. Cheese Nolan Bushnell, Fashion designer Nolan MIller, Director Christopher Nolan

87. Hudson

Meaning: Hudd's son

Origin: English

Hudson has been on a steady rise since the ’90s. The popular Old English surname might have something to do with these noteworthy boosters: explorer Henry Hudson (the Hudson River is named after him), swoon-worthy romantic comedian Rock Hudson and actress Kate Hudson. If you’re looking for a stylish, notable New York place name, you can’t go wrong with Hudson.

Famous namesakes:

88. Easton

Meaning: From the eastern town

Origin: English

From Easton to Weston, direction names are on the rise … like the sun (see what we did there?). The classy, unisex name broke the top 100 boys names just in 2012 and currently hits the 88th spot.

Famous namesakes: Singer Easton Corbin

89. Jase

Meaning: Healer

Origin: Greek

One of fastest-rising names of the year, Jase jumped from No. 304 in 2012 to No. 89 in 2013. Maybe it’s because it’s a cool alternate spelling to Jace, or maybe it’s because of Jase Robertson in “Duck Dynasty” – whatever the reasoning, we don’t think Jase is going anywhere for some time.

Famous namesakes: TV personality Jase Robertson

90. Carson

Meaning: Son of the marsh dwellers

Origin: Scottish

While more popular as a surname, Carson has been a rising first name, reaching its peak in 2010. The trendy name has an adventurous, Wild West vibe, thanks to legendary frontiersman Kit Carson, the namesake of Nevada’s capital, Carson City.

Famous namesakes: TV personality Carson Daly. Legendary frontiersman Kit Carson, Football player Carson Palmer

91. Nathaniel

Meaning: Gift of God

Origin: Hebrew

Nathaniels: They’re everywhere. You can find the name in literary characters (from Shakespeare’s comic village preacher in “Love's Labour Lost” to Ayn Rand’s guiding presence in “Atlas Shrugged”), historical namesakes (Nathanael Greene, Nat Turner, Nathaniel Hawthorne) and even modern-day pop culture references (“Six Feet Under” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”). With colorful personalities and limitless nicknames, these inspirations show that Nathaniel can be pretty hard to pass up.

Famous namesakes: Novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne, Singer Nathaniel Ruess, Jazz Musician Nat King Cole

92. Jaxson

Meaning: Son of Jack

Origin: English

Jaxson is perfect for contemporary parents who love traditional names with a twist. While not as popular as its more classic counterpart Jackson, Jaxson has been moving up the charts these last few years, hitting the No. 92 spot in 2013. Its historical namesakes (well, the traditional spelling anyway) include Jacksons Andrew and Stonewall as well as abstract painter Jackson Pollock.

Famous namesakes:

93. Kayden

Meaning: Round

Origin: English

Nothing’s cooler and more unique than a “y” thrown into baby’s name (well, maybe except an “x” or “q”). Kayden, one of the more popular spelling variants of Caden (or Cade in Old English and French) has such a cadence to it, if you will.

Famous namesakes:

94. Brody

Meaning: Ditch

Origin: Irish/Gaelic

While its meaning isn’t the prettiest, Brody is strong, rugged and handsome. Replacing the once-more-common Brady, this Irish favorite has been in the top 100 for the past six years, peaking in 2008.

Famous namesakes: TV personality Brody Jenner, Football player Brody Eldridge

95. Lincoln

Meaning: Town by the pool

Origin: English

Lately, heroic names from history have been a trending hit among parents. And Lincoln is one of the most prominent. Honest Abe jumped into the Top 100 this year, bringing to mind the unforgettable, fearless 16th president. Both Bill Murray and Kristen Bell named their kids Lincoln, proving that the name is becoming an influential and unisex choice as well.

Famous namesakes: Abraham Lincoln, Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, Actor Lincoln Lewis

96. Luis

Meaning: Famed Warrior

Origin: Spanish

If you're looking for a name with a bit of Spanish flair, consider Luis, the Spanish version of Louis (which was of French and German royal descent). But most people might know the name for Luis, the friendly Fix-it Shop owner on Sesame Street. The rising first name is also a very popular surname in the U.S.

Famous namesakes: Director Luis Bunuel. Baseball Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio

97. Tristan

Meaning: Tumult, Outcry

Origin: Celtic

Tristan has a pensive and edgy attractiveness to it. The name is known for its tough medieval roots as one of King Arthur’s knights and as Isolde's tragic lover in Wagner’s famed opera. With this tie to strength and to romantic beauty, we can see why Tristan has been on the rise. While originally a male name, the name has also recently crossed over to the female realm.

Famous namesakes: Football player Tristan Davis, Artist Tristan Tzara

98. Damian

Meaning: To tame

Origin: Latin

Once known for its horror movie ties (think Damien, the Antichrist character, in “The Omen”), the popular upper-class name has been climbing the ranks in the U.S. since the 1950s. Now when people think of Damien (French spelling of Damian), they picture a friendly boy’s name. Damien also seems to be a popular celebrity pick—including Bob Marley’s son, Elizabeth Hurley’s son and Bruce Wayne’s son (yes, that Bruce Wayne).

Famous namesakes: Actor Damian Lewis, Artist Damien Hirst, Singer Damian McGinty, Former Major League Baseball catcher Damian Miller, Football player Damian Williams, Reggae artist Damian Marley

99. Camden

Meaning: Winding valley

Origin: Scottish

This is Camden’s first year in the top 100, and we think it has a lot of potential. The name has been a hit with the celebrities since 2012 (Nick Lachey’s son and Kristin Cavallari’s son are both named Camden). The nature of Camden’s use has also shifted; traditionally a surname and place name (a section of London), the baby boy name is quickly becoming a very popular first name as well.

Famous namesakes:

100. Juan

Meaning: God is gracious

Origin: Spanish

Rounding off the boy’s Top 100 list is Juan, a Spanish version of John, and a very common name in the Spanish-speaking world. Many famous namesakes are in the sports realm, and references can vary from the fictional libertine character of Don Juan to the capital city San Juan.

Famous namesakes: Actor Juan Gabriel Pareja, Soccer player Juan Manuel Mata Garcia, Baseball player Juan Gonzales

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