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7 Things Even The Biggest Pregnancy Hater Will Miss About Being Pregnant

Photograph by Twenty20

To all the women out there who "just LOOOVE being pregnant," props to you.

I, however, am not one of those women.

Pregnancy just isn't my jam. Having my body highjacked for nine months and resembling a beached whale isn't a pretty picture.

Don't get me wrong, I love the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth and am beyond thankful for my body's ability to grow and nurture tiny humans. It's honestly a pretty impressive feat when you stop to consider the sheer mechanics of it all. But beautiful miracle aside, I'm still beyond relieved when it's over.

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After having three babies though, I can say that there are still some things I miss about carrying a life inside of me. It sounds crazy, but it turns out that pregnancy does have a few perks. Here are just a few things that even the biggest pregnancy hater (like myself) just might miss once their little one arrives:

1. Two Words: Maternity. Pants.

You guys. Maternity pants are pretty much the best thing ever and secret confession: I totally still wear my maternity jeans on occasion. Comfy, stretchy, belly panel I just can't quit you! If wearing buttonless jeans is wrong, then I don't wanna be right.

2. Never having to suck it in

Pregnancy is the perfect excuse to give your abs the rest that they so desperately crave. No more sucking it in after eating that huge burrito for lunch. You work that burrito, baby girl! It blends in seamlessly with the actual baby in there!

3. Having people do things for you

Pregnant women are incredibly capable and can certainly open our own doors and the like, but why begrudge the niceness of others? Seeing a pregnant mama-to-be has a way of reminding people about the beautiful parts of life and seems to elicit generous and helpful responses in others. Unfortunately, people are a little less interested once you have a screaming baby in your arms.

When you are a waddling pregnant lady, everyone will fall over themselves to be sure you have the most comfortable seat in any given situation.


Nine plus glorious months without a period. I could cry just thinking about how wonderful it was. Some mamas don't get their periods back until they wean their little ones, but unfortunately many of us (myself included) aren't quite so lucky.

5. Feeling like a complete badass

Even though feeling gigantic at some point in pregnancy is bound to happen, there's still this totally awesome feeling of badassery that will come over you. Like, "Hey everyone! Look over here! I'm busy CREATING HUMAN LIFE! What did you do today?!" It's kind of impressive.

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6. Always getting the best seat

When you are a waddling pregnant lady, everyone will fall over themselves to be sure you have the most comfortable seat in any given situation. It's pretty fantastic.

7. A free pass for emotional outbursts

I'll admit that even in non-pregnant scenarios, I'm inclined to irrational outbursts over silly things. During pregnancy though, it's a free-for-all. Sorry, I'm pregnant and my hormones are cray. Deal with it.

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