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13 Things to Get Done During the Second Trimester

Photograph by Twenty20

Every mom I know goes through the wringer during her first trimester. To varying degrees, of course, but those early weeks aren't for the faint of heart.

I tend to refer to myself as a “barely surviving zombie” during those early weeks. I moan. I cry. I lament. And I count down the days to my second trimester. I literally make a note in calendar so I know the exact date that things will hopefully get better.

The second trimester triggers my mama productivity hormones in a major way. It’s time to get things done! If your energy has also returned, jump on the to-do list bandwagon and mark important things off one by one before the due date countdown begins.

Assess the Nursery

Do you need to order/assemble/refurbish furniture or shuffle around older siblings to make room for a new addition? I just found the crib I was dreaming secondhand and it has settled in nicely to the corner of our master bedroom that will be designated to our baby. Next up is painting an old but functional dresser a soft gray.

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Reignite an Exercise Routine

Between the weather and my first trimester, exercise was nonexistent for me. But now that I’m back in action, I’m planning to get into a good routine and focus on pregnancy specific training and growing my pelvic floor strength.

Find a Pediatrician

You want your doctor to be on your team. To be available. To align with your parenting philosophy. Get recommendations and ask to schedule a meet-and-greet so you can decide who you’ll be taking your little one too for their post-birth assessment.

Take a Birth Class

Even though I’m expecting my fourth, I still like to take a refresher or learn something new. With each child, I’ve explored a new method and thanks to wisdom I’ve found in each one, I’ve landed on a medley that works for me.

Deep Clean Your Space

Pregnancy puts a bee in my bonnet to accomplish random tasks. With my second, it was a complete garage reorganization. With my third, every nook and cranny of my kitchen got scoured. This time around, I’m tearing apart all of my children’s closets and paring down what they really need. Deduce what big task you want to tackle and get on it while you still have the mobility and energy!

Plan a Babymoon

I’ve taken a babymoon in both my second and third trimester; the energy I’ve had between weeks 13-27 make getting away for a few nights ten times more enjoyable. Your trip doesn’t have to be big or fancy, any escape from the norm with your partner will be appreciated by all!

It may seem overwhelming to accomplish all of these things during your second trimester but I promise it is worth it!

Buy a Baby Book

Even now I love looking back at the baby book my mom assembled for me in the '80s. Your little one will appreciate it too! Most books have a section for sharing about your pregnancy so I always aim to find a book I like and begin filling in the pages sooner rather than later. And if a book seems like too much work, there are tons of alternatives.

Finalize Your Baby Registry

Need I say more? Your baby shower will be scheduled soon and grandmas, aunts, and friends want to know exactly what you’re wishing for.

Pamper Yourself

Our bodies change a lot during pregnancy. Because of this, I like to pamper myself a bit with activities like chiropractic care and prenatal massages, and I purchase maternity clothes and a pregnancy pillow.

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Name Your Baby

It’s not essential to have a name chosen when you go in to labor but it sure is helpful to have a short list of favorites.

Stock Your Freezer

Toward the end of your second trimester, plan a day to make a handful of freezer meals. You’ll appreciate it once baby arrives and colic or the witching hour becomes a part of your every day reality.

Make Sure You’re Confident in Your Care Provider

If you don’t love your OB or midwife, it isn’t too late to change. I just did this and I already have more peace about my birth knowing that I’m more comfortable with my birth team.

Outline Your Fourth Trimester

Who will take care of you during your first days at home? How long will you be taking maternity leave? Do you need to find childcare? Everyone involved will need to get these dates and details on their calendars so don’t save it until the last minute.

It may seem overwhelming to accomplish all of these things during your second trimester but I promise it is worth it! This way when your third trimester arrives, you can simply focus on resting, relaxing and awaiting the birth of your precious bundle rather than stressing about logistics and baby preparation tasks.

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