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Leave Kate Winslet Alone!

The beautiful and talented Kate Winslet has announced that she and her husband, Ned Rocknroll (the nephew of Richard Branson), are expecting a baby. It will be the first for Rocknroll, the third for Kate. This is surely exciting news for the two of them. They look happy and in love, and Kate has said that she wanted more children. You would assume, then, that their baby news would bring kind wishes and smiles to the proud parents to be. And it has.

Sadly, however, it also seems that a good number of people (mostly women!) are more willing to give Kate a disapproving gasp and eye roll, instead. And many have taken to the Internet to spread their self-righteous opinions and cruelly criticize this successful celebrity. Why? Because having this baby with her husband will mean that she has three children with three different fathers. She has been given the ridiculous label of 3x3. She has three kids by three men. And according to those outraged by this fact, this means she is an emotionally unstable train wreck, and even a slut.

I say, GET A LIFE, haters!

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Kate’s children were the products of loving relationships with men for whom she cared enough to marry. And even had she not married these fathers of her children, they would still have been born out of love and into a caring home to a mother who has the desire and the means to give them a very good life. So help me understand—what is the problem?

Though judgmental outrage has been popping up all over, an opinion article published in The Telegraph by Judith Woods has been the most shocking. In her horribly harsh and scathing article, Woods calls Winslet “tacky” for having children with each of her three husbands. “Three children by three different fathers doesn’t look good on anyone,” Woods states. She accuses Winslet of making “disastrous choices,” being flippant about ending her relationships, and is sure that Winslet’s decisions will damage her children.

Why don’t men like Clint Eastwood, Steven Tyler and Kelsey Grammer get picked apart, judged and have articles written about them calling them manwhores?

Just because Winslet made the decision to end her marriages and move on does not mean that she is emotionally troubled and irresponsible, nor should it keep her from having the opportunity to marry and have more children without public ridicule. It simply means that she has the ability to let go of things that do not serve her happiness and well-being. Sometimes, things don’t last happily ever after. Who is anyone to propose that sticking it out in a relationship, which makes you miserable, is better for your children than to show them the importance of self-love and being happy? Oh, what a harlot she is! Her marriages didn’t last forever, and she found love again.

And by the way, Ms. Woods and all you other perfect people writing hateful comments online, why don’t you try judging all the men who have children with multiple women? Why don’t men like Clint Eastwood, Steven Tyler and Kelsey Grammer get picked apart, judged and have articles written about them calling them manwhores? What a disgusting double standard to promote.

A woman should be able to make decisions about and manage her own personal life without judgment. Just because a relationship ends does not mean it was a failure. I know this firsthand. Do I regret my first marriage? Of course not. My beautiful, amazing son was born out of that relationship and into a loving environment. Not everyone was happy about our divorce—some thought we should have stuck it out. But I could not bear the thought of denying myself my life and happiness just because society thought we should. I knew I would raise my son right, give him huge amounts of love and support, and teach him to be a good person. I learned that no one but me would ever really know my path, my heart, or what went on in my home.

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And that’s just it—we don’t know the ins and outs of anyone else’s life, and only we know what’s best for ourselves. Someone else’s family setup and personal decisions is none of our business. I wish all the best for Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll. I’m just crossing my fingers they’ll name the baby “Isla” (this joke only works if you know it’s pronounced “Eye-la”), Isla Rocknroll.

Congratulations, Kate and Ned!

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