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8 Things To Focus On When Morning Sickness Kicks In

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The initial excitement of pregnancy dies down quickly when morning sickness kicks in. How can such a little baby cause a woman so much grief?

Some mamas don’t feel much but a little tiredness during their first trimester (lucky ducks!), some are super sensitive to smells, others toss their breakfast no matter what, and some mamas experience all-day nausea. It’s all normal, a crash course in the difficulties of motherhood if you will.

My bouts with morning sickness have gotten worse every pregnancy. And when you’re in the throws of it, it’s just awful. It seems never-ending. You’re emotional and your body is changing so much. Suddenly there's so much to do but you have no energy to accomplish it. What’s a girl to do?

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Well, here are eight things to focus on when morning sickness kicks in. None of these will fix morning sickness, but hopefully they’ll help boost your emotional and mental state and get you closer to the more fun parts of pregnancy.

Turn Into the Nap Queen

Accept no guilt from your first trimester tiredness. Nap whenever you can and go to bed early. Your baby is growing exponentially so it’s no wonder you’re wiped out! Focus on getting rest and then hopefully when you are awake you’ll be able to function a little better.

Pack In the Protein

Even if food doesn’t sound good, you still need to eat. Focus on making wise selections and fit in as much protein as you can. My midwife recommended 100 grams of protein every day.

Eat what sounds good when it sounds good.

Build That Registry

I’m of the mindset that it is never to early to start a baby registry! Setting up your baby registry and adding to it early in your pregnancy will give you time to research all your options and really hone in on what you want before sharing your list with family and friends.

Educate Yourself

On car seats. Birthing classes. Breastfeeding. Labor. Babywearing. Diaper options. Baby equipment. There's so much to learn when you become a mom and when morning sickness strikes sometimes it's nice to have something new to focus your attention on. Read a book or two and start reading mom-friendly blogs. Soak up all the information out there and decide what will be the best fit for you and your family.

Make Mom Friends

It’s amazing to journey through pregnancy with other moms, so join a birth month group and get involved in the mothering community where you live. These ladies will become your village and lamenting together through morning sickness will soon turn into rejoicing as a tribe when all your babies are born.

Go Crazy With Self-Care

There's no better excuse to rest and relax than during your first trimester. Eat what sounds good when it sounds good. Go for a pedicure. Try out acupuncture to relieve tension and morning sickness. Schedule a massage. Your body has growing your little one covered so focus on taking care of you before your hands are full!

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Celebrate the Little Milestones

I’m a huge fan of documenting pregnancy week by week. Counting the weeks helps pass the time so celebrate the little milestones with a weekly picture or journal entry as you march through the first trimester. You might feel like time is dragging, but your baby is developing so much in these early days! Remind yourself of all that is happening and celebrate it!

Pin Your Heart Out

During my first trimester I turn into a homebody. I ignore calls and RSVP “no” to everything. Pinterest becomes my best friend and I find joy in planning my maternity photos session, the nursery, birth announcements, homecoming outfits and more.

If you’re currently battling the ugliness of the first trimester, I feel your pain. But I promise it'll be over soon. For most mamas the second trimester is the golden time where energy peaks and your bump pops out.

So good stuff is coming, just hang in there!

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