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Things Only Pregnant Women Do

Photograph by Katie Michelle Reyes

Pregnant women will do some interesting things. If you find yourself doing one (or all) of these, then welcome to the club. It's normal!

Kind of.

1. Stare at people with strollers. Yes, it's creepy and the people you are staring at are probably slightly uncomfortable, but you can't help yourself. You're just shopping around, and there's nothing like seeing the real thing in action. It's basically like buying a new car, after all.

2. Cry over food. Whether someone ate your leftovers, the restaurant got your order wrong or you simply can't have what you are craving more than anything, the tears will come. And you will feel like the dumbest person ever for it, but you can't stop them. It's OK. We've all been there.

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3. Pee every 20 minutes. Sometimes even more often. You know you're on a trip with a pregnant woman when visits to the bathroom are the most frequent thing that happens.

4. Fall asleep in the strangest places. When you're pregnant, you're extra tired and you may find yourself falling asleep easily and literally everywhere. In the car, on the couch, waiting in the doctor's office, at the dinner table. I say, get those ZZZ's in when you can! Soon enough they'll be a distant memory.

You promise, you're not trying to break in. You're just checking out the car seat.

5. Ask complete strangers about their diaper bag. I mean, it's cute and you want to know if they recommend it. Just stop short of asking them to look inside.

6. Stare at babies. Whenever you see a baby, you can't help but stare and smile and daydream about your own soon-to-be bundle of joy. You don't mean to be a creep, you just literally cannot help but stare at all of the babies.

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7. Peek in car windows. You promise, you're not trying to break in. You're just checking out the car seat.

8. Read birth stories like it's your job. You like to be prepared, and this is the biggest and scariest thing you may ever do. It's only natural to want to know what you're getting into. So you read all of the birth stories you can get your hands on. You probably even have a whole folder of bookmarks.

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