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Guess What? It's Normal to Dream of Orgies While Pregnant

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If you find yourself having wet dreams during your pregnancy, enjoy them! It absolutely makes up for the dried up libido you’ll experience after you pop out a baby. I had read that steamy dreams were not uncommon in pregnant moms, but I didn't understand just how crazy these dreams could get. The bigger my belly, the more complex and intense the sex scenes were, and the stronger the orgasms. Sometimes they were so intense that I would wake up, startled, with a smile on my face. I had never felt so much pleasure in real life!

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That said, I sometimes felt guilty, because most of my sexy night-fantasies were not with my husband. In my pregnancy dreams, I had sex with celebrities, with friends and colleagues, and once I dreamt of an intricate orgy that involved so many men that I couldn't keep up. They were probing, pulling and poking in ways that I had only seen in adult films. It was totally insane—I had my own little porn show in my head!

Sometimes the sex was so good and realistic that I woke up feeling as if I had genuinely cheated on my marriage. I wondered whether I should keep my nightly sexual encounters to myself or share them with my husband. Would he be jealous? Would he feel turned off?

I read that hormones were all to blame (or thank) for this unexpected pleasure. I discussed it with my OB-GYN and she assured me it was all perfectly normal. It wasn’t as if I was fantasizing about having sex with other men while I was awake. However, I wasn't always in the mood for sex in my waking hours, but when it did happen, I orgasmed more easily, which was a wonderful side-effect of pregnancy.

If you're wondering how to deal with sex dreams during pregnancy, here are my tips, because of course, there is no sight like hindsight.

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1. Enjoy yourself!

Ditch the guilt and avoid feeling awkward about it. Since you can't really control what you dream, if orgies and sex with George Clooney are a nightly occurrence, live it up. How often do you get to do this in real life? Never? Yeah, I thought so! Well then, enjoy yourself. You aren't doing anything wrong.

2. Share your dreams with your partner

Guess what? You don't have to role play or make up sexy stories to entice your partner. Your dreams are already providing you with enough fantasies to last you a lifetime.

3. Use your dreams as fantasies

Write your sexy dreams down as soon as you wake up! If ever you have a hard time having an orgasm down the line, you can conjure up your steamy dreams during pregnancy. There is nothing wrong with fantasizing during sex.

4. Hold on to that feeling

When you feel big, cumbersome or inadequate as your pregnancy progresses, hold on to that pleasurable feeling of waking up to an orgasm. Keep in mind that in a few months, maybe weeks, you will be waking up to a crying baby. No more wet dreams for you then!

5. Share it with your girlfriends

Your girlfriends are likely also having sexual dreams. Chat about it with them, compare notes. If you still have any qualms about waking up to an orgasm by dreaming of sex with other men, sharing your experience with your pregnant friends will put you at ease when you find out you’re not alone.

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