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6 Things to Try If You Want a Baby Girl

Photograph by Twenty20

As a mom of two boys, I’ve received plenty of advice—some solicited and some not—on how to a conceive a girl. The recommendations range from the “scientific” to the bizarre, but as someone who would love to have a little girl someday, it’s hard to ignore the ones you hear over and over and over again.

Ultimately it seems pretty clear that your chances of having a girl are pretty much 50-50. You flip a coin enough times and you’re sure to get tails eventually. But, if you’re like me and feeling a little outnumbered, these tips and tricks might be worth a shot.

1. Do it early.

The Shettles Method claims that boy sperm are faster swimmers but girl sperm are longer lasting. By that logic, you should try to conceive at least two days before ovulation and no closer. The easiest way to track ovulation is with an app like Clue. Enter your cycle information and it will give you a fairly accurate guess as to when you can expect your upcoming ovulation day.

2. Do it often.

Some people swear that taxing your partner's supply results in a higher chance of having a gal. I’ve heard every variation under the book on this one: make him use the hot tub, wear tighty whities and even have him partake in a recently legalized (in some states) substance. One safe way to achieve this depleted supply is with a whole lot of trying, and let's be real, I doubt he’ll complain about that too much.

Several studies have linked low salt intake to a slightly higher chance of conceiving a girl.

3. Girls don’t want to have fun.

The most disappointing advice I've received, but also the most common, is to skip an orgasm. Apparently getting off gives those boy swimmers a leg up. So, if you really want a girl, you might have to sacrifice the best part of baby-making, just for a little while.

4. Consult ancient wisdom.

Legend has it there's an ancient Chinese chart that can predict gender with great accuracy. Based on the age of the mother and the month of conception, the chart tells you whether you will have a girl or a boy. Some claim it is super accurate, while others say it is way off; either way, if you're planning to try for a girl, it can’t hurt to have an ancient secret on your side.

5. Skip the salt.

Several studies have linked low salt intake to a slightly higher chance of conceiving a girl. One reason might be blood pressure. It turns out women with high blood pressure might be more likely to have boys and lowering salt intake can also lower blood pressure. It might not be as tasty, but it is healthier, so it’s worth a shot.

6. Turn him vegan.

The elderly gentleman who owns our neighborhood bagel shop assures me that the reason I have boys is because my husband eats too much meat. He swears two weeks on a vegetarian diet will gives us the girl we’re after. A little googling produced anecdotal evidence to back him up. Finally, a suggestion that puts the onerous where it belongs—after all, it’s the men who make the sperm, why shouldn’t they be the ones to sacrifice for the cause?

In the end, we all want the same thing: a healthy baby. Have fun giving these tips a try, but remember, some things are simply out of your control. Plus, take it from me, raising boys is surprisingly awesome.

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