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Substitute for Face Primer

What to Buy

The next time you head to the drugstore, skip the makeup aisle and its pricey, tiny bottles and head to the feminine products aisle. Seriously. There, nestled among the maxi pads and lubricant, you'll find a top-secret product for priming your skin. Pick up some anti-chafing powder gel. Some companies that make yeast infection treatments create these gels to prevent chafing on your tender skin.

How to Use It

Apply the anti-chafing gel to your face in the same manner you'd use a pricey primer. Start with clean skin and gently glide a small amount of the powdery gel all over your face, using your fingertips. Let the gel dry for a few minutes, then apply your makeup normally, and you're good to go. If you use a moisturizer, put it on after washing your face, but before priming.

Why It Works

Anti-chafing gel contains some of the same ingredients as makeup primers, but most importantly, it has dimethicone. Dimethicone is a silicone product that gives the gel a dry, powdery feeling. Applying a layer of primer or chafing gel adds a buffer to your skin, smoothing out the uneven spots on your face and helping your makeup glide on more smoothly and evenly.


When you pick up chafing gel, make sure you don't accidentally grab a yeast infection cream in your hurry to get off the aisle of embarrassment. You're looking for a gel, not a cream. Don't try any feminine product that says it has anti-fungal or anti-itching properties. Yeast infection creams are great for clearing up yeast infections, but not so good when it comes to priming your face. Make sure you're holding a gel that claims to be powdery and is designed to treat or prevent chafing when you step into the checkout line.

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