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How to Hide Brown Spots With Makeup

Step 1

Get the right concealer. It should be three times lighter than your natural face color. Head to a makeup counter and try on different shades, then pop outside to see each color in natural light. Pick the one that blends most naturally into your skin color.

Step 2

Dab a dot of concealer right into the center of the spot.

Step 3

Use the sponge to dab at the concealer and blend it out toward the edges of the mark.

Step 4

Dip your foundation brush in foundation, then apply it over the concealed mark. Use a smooth, even stroke to blend it into your skin. Your foundation should match your skin tone exactly. Putting it over top of the mark should make the brown spot disappear into the rest of your face.

Step 5

Swirl the powder brush in the translucent powder, then tap off excess. Dust the area where the brown spot was with powder. This sets the foundation and concealer to prevent running or smudging.

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