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How to Wrap a Shawl Around Your Shoulder

One-Shoulder Wrap-Around

Step 1

Hold the shawl with one hand at each short edge and so the center point of the shawl is at the center of your back.

Step 2

Pull the shawl around to your front, pulling one edge under one arm and the other edge around the opposite shoulder. Let the excess fabric of the wrap hang straight down in front of you from your shoulder.

Step 3

Take the shawl fabric you tucked under your arm and pull it across your chest to the opposite shoulder. Toss it over your shoulder so the excess fabric falls straight down your back from your shoulder.

Step 4

Find your most glam brooch -- you know, that one with sequins all over it. Pin this right on top of your shoulder through the two layers of shawl. The brooch will hold the fabric and add bright bling to your outfit.

One-Shoulder Drape

Step 1

Find the lengthwise center point of the shawl.

Step 2

Place the center point of the shawl on either shoulder so that half of the shawl falls straight down your front and the other half of the shawl falls straight down your back.

Step 3

Scrunch or pleat the width of the shawl at your shoulder so that it's bunched together. Take a sparkly brooch and pin the shawl to your shirt at your shoulder to hold the gathered shawl in place. The hanging fabric will hang and move as you move -- irresistibly gorgeous!

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