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DIY Metal Hexagon Rings

Nancy Soriano's newest book, "The Jewelry Recipe", breaks down super-chic accessories into easy-to-digest instructions. Here she shares her recipe for making these one-of-a-kind metal hexagon stackable rings.

Metal Hexagons Recipe 1: Stackable Geometric Rings


  1. Hexagon brass tubes outlines in the wearer's ring size available on Etsy or at a jewelry supply store
  2. Nail polish in a color of your choice


  1. Paint one side of a hexagon brass tube outline with nail polish until it is opaque. You can also alternate blank and painted sides, paint multiple colors on one outline, or paint dots for a unique look. Try stacking multiple rings, too.
  2. Let dry for 2 hours before wearing.

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Excerpted from "The Jewelry Recipe Book" by Nancy Soriano (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2015. Images by James Ransom

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