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Freezing Your Body Claimed to Burn 800 Calories

Would you freeze your butt off in temps between –184 and –292 degrees Fahrenheit all in the name of beauty? Cryotherapy, a new beauty fad to hit New York and Los Angeles, claims to literally freeze your fat off.

Claiming to help with sleep, reduce inflammation and pain as well as shed weight, boost metabolism and improve overall mood, people are flocking to cryotherapy facility KryoLife in New York. During three-minute sessions, clients stand in a 6-foot-tall tubelike device that pumps out extremely cold air. This allegedly burns up to 800 calories and leaves you feeling energized.

First developed in Japan in 1978, this one-of-a-kind beauty remedy has won a slew of celebrity devotees such as Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, Daniel Craig and Cristiano Ronaldo. Costing $90 per three-minute session, the below-freezing technique promises to produce major results.

Moore (above) visited LA's Cryohealthcare Therapy centre with friend Minka Kelly (below ) back in February.

Nutritionist Tricia Williams loves it so much that she thought she "lost [her] bionic power" when she took a break from her weekly sessions during a vacation, she told the New York Post. "I love it. I always tell people it should be the new happy hour. Who needs a drink? You come out feeling so great."

Since the spa's New York opening in 2013, popularity of cryotherapy has expanded. Spa owner Joanna Fryben started out with 10 customers per day and now it has amassed to 70 per day. Due to increasing demand, the spa is opening its second location in October.

Is it crazy that we want to try this? Don't judge until you try, right?

Photo credit: Getty Images

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