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Man Dresses Like Prince George for a Week

Sometimes Prince George dresses better than your baby, but you accept it and proceed to gawk at the adorable pics of his outfits. Whether he's rocking short overalls with Crocs or a Christmas knit designed with toy soldiers, in addition to being the luckiest little royal, George is undoubtedly becoming a style icon.

With Prince George's life seeming so perfect and magical, 23-year-old Mashable journalist Max Knoblauch decided to take this wistful thought and attempt to become the 2-year-old. For seven days, Knoblauch dressed in Prince George's most memorable ensembles to see what it's like to live in the toddler's shoes.

His hilarious account of being George is nothing short of serious journalism, accompanied with comparison photos and a video in which we follow Knoblauch living life in New York City dressed as not just any toddler but a royal toddler. Since shopping for these pint-size outfits in man version proved difficult, Knoblauch had to make some customizations, like sewing on sailboats.

"I chose to start with the blue sweater George wore during the birth of his sister, Princess Charlotte," wrote Knoblauch. "What better outfit to symbolize the 'birth' of my week as a royal baby? I would tell several people about this symbolism throughout my first day."

As the week progressed, he started to realize nobody really cared if he was dressing like a 2-year-old, aside from some confused glances. While Prince George is constantly documented by photographers and admired by the world, Knoblauch was just another man, dressed as a baby. But, he did learn many things.

"My week as a royal baby taught me many things. New Yorkers do not care what you wear. It's surprisingly easy to dress like a baby by shopping at Macy's. You should not let your coworkers' words hurt you. Crocs aren't so bad. Most importantly, though: stunt journalism like this is vitally important."

Photo credit: Mashable

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