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Would You Let Your Kids Dress You?

With a hectic nonstop schedule, busy moms rarely take the time to ponder about their outfits. Most of the time, whatever works and is comfortable is what you're going to wear, and that's final. However, these not-so-thought-out ensembles sometimes result in scrutiny from the kids.

After many eyerolls from her three daughters regarding her outfits, journalist Charlotte Kemp of the Daily Mail decided to allow her kids to dress her for a day, who each have very different styles. Her youngest daughter Martha, who is 5 years old, has even refused to get out of the car due to Charlotte's gym attire. While Martha may be a bit critical, 10-year-old Bea loves colors, while 13-year-old Amelia is a sensible, smart shopper who loves deals.

Here are the results of this mother-daughters styling session.

For a school run, Martha styled Charlotte in polka-dot denim shorts, pink T-shirt, jeweled sandals and a mini purse. While we love the playfulness of the outfit, the shorts are a bit too much, according to Charlotte.

"This looks uncannily like the clothes Martha has been wearing all summer," told Charlotte to the Daily Mail. "She's even found a toy town bag from Ted Baker. But I fear I might be a little old for this—maybe it's my turn to refuse to get out of the car?"

Bea's take on a school-run outfit was a lot more appropriate and actually looked darling on Charlotte. Donning a long-sleeve floral printed blouse, white trousers and tan wooden wedges, she certainly does not look like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

"Mum doesn't even brush her hair in the morning, she's in such a rush!" said Bea. "I hate it when she looks scruffy. It's really embarrassing, especially when she wears leggings—they don't suit older people, that's a fact! I think she should wear something smart like this."

Her oldest daughter Amelia opted for a striped frock and a pair of white sneakers for comfort. Although the dress would be cute for a night out, the addition of trainers makes it a bit too young.

"I feel like an extra in a teen movie," said Charlotte. "This is definitely heading for Amelia's wardrobe, but I'll fight her for the plimsolls—they're so comfy."

Photography by: The Daily Mail

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