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DIY Cross Stitch Cellphone Case

The book 'Dress Your Tech' by Lucy Hopping is a fun-filled book with clever DIY projects to decorate those ubiquitous electronics that we can't seem to live without.

"If factory-made cellphone cases don't do it for you, get stitching on a pre-punched case. Cross stitch and running stitch are used in this design but you can let your imagination run wild! If you can't find a pre-punched case for your model, try punching holes with a sharp needle into a silicon case," writes Hopping.


  • Pre-punched cellphone case
  • Stranded cotton embroidery floss in dark blue, turquoise, mustard, lemon yellow, dark red, coral, purple, lilac, dark green, lime green, orange, peach, cream, and gray
  • Needle
  • Scissors


  1. Decide on your design—you can either use the design provided, or work up your own design on a piece of squared paper. If you use the design provided, you may have to adjust it to suit your case.
  2. Using the first color, divide the stranded cotton floss into two sets of three strands. Thread one set of strands into the needle and tie a knot in the end.
  3. Work the bottom leg of all the cross stitches from bottom left to top right first. The bottom stitches of my crosses are worked in the darker set of colors: dark blue, mustard, dark red, purple, dark green, and orange.
  4. The top stitches that go from bottom right to top left are worked in the lighter colors: turquoise, lemon yellow, coral, lilac, lime green, and peach.
  5. Fill the spaces between the triangles with cream cross stitches, working both legs in the same color.
  6. To complete your case, work gray running stitches in between each triangle.

Helpful Tip: To make your own design, draw out the size of your phone case on a piece of squared paper, with each square representing one stitch.

Available at Amazon. Excerpted from the book 'Dress Your Tech' by Lucy Hopping. Photography by Holly Jollife. Published by CICO Books.

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