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Lost Stuffed Animal Goes On an Epic Journey Home

Losing a toy can be a devastating experience for a child. Luckily, when 4-year-old Phoebe Steel lost her stuffed dog RaRa at the Toronto Pearson International Airport in Canada, the airport was able to find her beloved companion and return him safely home, all while documenting the journey.

During Phoebe and her family's return to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, from a trip in the U.K., RaRa disappeared on the layover at the Toronto airport, which they didn't realize until they were on the plane.

"[She] had a bit of a breakdown, unfortunately," told Jennifer Steel, Phoebe's mother, to Today. "Eventually she calmed down, and I explained that I would contact the airport to see if they could find him once we landed. We got Ra Ra as a baby gift when she was just born and they have been together ever since. Ra Ra is usually with her everywhere she goes. They are inseparable."

In effort to reunite her daughter with RaRa, Jennifer posted on the Toronto Pearson International Airport Facebook page. Shortly after RaRa was found and the airport kindly documented the stuffed animal's journey home in an album titled "RaRa's journey through Toronto Pearson."

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