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Editor's Obsessions: Warm Florals

1. Zara Dress, $70; 2. Damask Chair, $3495; 3. Floral Flocked Booties, $637; 4. Guan√°bana Flower Bag, $80; 5. Gilt Metal Wall Sconce, $650; 6. Christopher Beane Flower Book, $10; 7. Fornasetti Room Spray, $135; 7. 8. Tennis Shoes, $110; 9. Etsy Vintage Floral Bag, $95; 10. Robert Piguet 'Fracas' Perfume, $150; 11. Twined Table Lamp, $698; 12. Begonia Plants, $13; 13. Metallic Pillow, $255

It's warm, too warm. Where is all the rain and moisture that's been promised in the forecast? But with warmth, comes the rouge of spring: flowers. Look up at the bursting trees of pear blossom and palest pink magnolia flowers. Bring it to your life with floral flocked booties and long dresses painted with red roses. The rain will come, but for now, let's enjoy the sunshine and all the glory it bestows.

  • Kick your fashionable heels in these to-die-for velvet, floral flocked booties. (3)
  • Wear a gorgeous dress made of soft cabbage roses and perfect pockets, made easy and casual when paired with these fuchsia tennis shoes. (1, 8)
  • Accessorize with a beautiful beaded vintage bag. (9)
  • Recollect your youth and wear the ultimate spring floral perfume. (10)
  • Bring comfort and chic into your bedroom with this antique damask chair, perfect for musing over this exquisite collection of photos by Christopher Beane. (2, 6)
  • Decorate with stunning accents to bring life into your home with this gorgeous pillow. (13)
  • Illuminate your home with an amusing black floral vine lamp. (11)
  • Wear a crochet woven flower bag with a popping pink rose. (4)
  • Decorate with an antique golden flower sconce. (5)
  • Keep this luxurious floral room spray on your dresser. (7)
  • Plant cascading, lush begonias. (12)

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