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Date-Night Makeup in 5 Minutes

Every mom has been there: You're scrounging through the makeup drawer, hurriedly getting ready for a date night that materialized out of thin air. Before motherhood, I could spend hours perfecting my outfit, hair and makeup. Not anymore. Now I gravitate toward simplified beauty looks that will last all night. Bonus points for products that can be used in more than one way.

One of the easiest ways to amp up your makeup doesn't have to do with makeup at all. Your clothes and makeup complement each other, so certain combinations require more or less makeup.

Chartreuse is a personal favorite because it's unexpected and universally flattering. If you think back to art class, you might remember the color wheel and the fact that colors that sit on opposite sides tend to look great together. That's why chartreuse looks so good against hot pink—like my lipstick, in this case. When wearing such a vibrant contrast, other parts of your makeup can be downplayed (which saves you time).

FACE: My entire makeup look takes about five minutes and starts out with moisturizer, foundation and concealer on any dark or red spots. In a pinch, I'll apply these using my fingertips—making sure to wash my hands before and after.

LIPS: If you want long-lasting lip color, matte colors tend to have the best staying power. However, matte formulas can also be drying, so I layer on some gloss for moisture and thus get the best of both worlds. Here, I'm using a matte fuchsia lipstick topped with Covergirl Looks Like Lava gloss, a sparkling hot pink.

BROWS: When you wear a bright lip, you need a bit more dimension elsewhere on your face. Full, natural-looking brows have been enjoying the beauty spotlight lately, so it's a great time to give them a little extra love.

To fill in sparse areas of your brows, you need an angled brush and eyeshadow (or brow powder). Because I have dark brown hair, I use an ashen brown eyeshadow. Start by filling in the outer edges using smooth strokes. Once you're done, use any remainder to swoop over the inner edges of the eyebrows for a softer look.

Remember when I said I like products that can be used in more ways than one? Your concealer can be used to emphasize your brows too. I use the edge of my concealer stick to draw a thin line just under each brow. Then, I blend the concealer up toward the brow and down toward the eyelid.

EYES: Add a coat of your favorite mascara. If your eyes are fatigued from work or lack of sleep, they might be a little red. When that's the case, I use eye drops to whiten the whites of my eyes, which brightens my overall appearance.

CHEEKS: Apply a light pink or apricot blush to the apples of your cheeks. I prefer a blush with some sheen to it because you get a soft glow without needing a separate highlighter.

All done! You don't have to spend hours in front of the mirror to stand out on date night. The faster you can finish getting ready, the sooner you can start enjoying your night off.

Images via Jay Miranda

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