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Mom Crush: Ali Fedotowsky on Dressing Your Bump For Work

Ali Fedotowsky—TV personality, mom-to-be and blogger—knows that life doesn't stop just because you are growing another human being. She says, "Let's face it, many of us still have to get dressed up sometimes and go to work well into our pregnancy. As badly as we would all love to wear our maternity leggings and sweatshirts to work, that just isn't going to fly with the boss. "

"Pre-pregnancy, this blue dress is probably something I would have felt uncomfortable in. I would have felt like every roll and imperfection would be on display for everyone to see. Not anymore! I love wearing fitted clothes and showing off my bump. Plus, a big bump on display might win you some sympathy points with the boss—extra-long lunch break anyone? I added a cute pink jacket to cover up a little bit when I'm walking the streets to get to my destination. Plus, it just adds a little something to the look, don't you think?" Ali asks. We couldn't agree more. And the best part? Everything here is budget friendly—including the dress, which is only $15!

For more of Ali's style, check out AliLuvs and follow Ali on Instagram.

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