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Look Mom-Fabulous in 5 Minutes or Less!

As moms, we are each a different kind of busy. Busy with a newborn is much different than busy with toddlers, school-age kids and so on. However, at the end of the day, we are all knee deep in motherhood, doing what needs to be done to keep our families, happy, healthy and alive!

So what about us? I advocate for "me" first. I've been a victim of depression that was left uncared for—otherwise everything else falls apart.

Of course, it doesn't have to be something as serious as that—even the little things, such as taking a shower, washing your hair, getting dressed (yes, dressed—not in sweatpants!) and putting on makeup before starting the day can make you feel complete, more confident and prepared for the day ahead.

Every woman has different time constraints but we all have a few minutes to get ready to start the day. Because of different beauty needs, I've put together five different ways to look fabulous in five minutes or less! Because who doesn't like options?! And the best part? Almost everything can be applied with fingers (even blush!), with only minimal experience required!

For every look, start with a fresh, clean face. Then, apply concealer or cover-up stick under eyes and other “problem” areas you want concealed. With your fingers, massage in a light foundation or tinted moisturizer, give your cheeks a quick swoop of blush if you want. Then focus on one feature and you're off to fabulous.

Accentuate Eyebrows: Play up your brows! Use eyeliner pencil or eyebrow pencil in the color closest to your brows and gently pencil-in color from one end of brow to the other. Be gentle! No need to make them dark, you are only adding enough color to to accentuate your brows, which gives your face a brighter, fuller look.

Accentuate Lips: Pucker up! Same as above, begin with your basic face and then go bold. Apply red, coral or burgundy lipstick and absolutely no one will be looking anywhere else but your lips. Somedays I just add red lips to distract attention from my sleepy face. Add a pair of shades and you are ready to roll!

Accentuate Eyes: Can't leave the house without mascara? Then focus on that! Take time to make your eyes the feature with a light brown, tan or beige eyeshadow. Line your eyes with a smooth eyeliner or using the same eyeshadow color, line your eyes using the tip of the eyeshadow brush. Add your favorite mascara and boom! No one will be able to avoid eye contact with you.

Fresh Fabulous: Go for the natural look, which is as easy as 1-2-3! Simply add natural eyeshadow, a swoop of mascara, sweep a light pink or rose blush over your cheeks, swipe on a quick tint or gloss over lips and you are ready for the day!

Accentuate Hair: When my hair looks good, I feel I can take on the world! An easy and chic look that works well with women who have long hair is a bun. Even if your hair is not washed, simply spray in dry shampoo and massage in. This will give your hair texture and gets rid of greasy patches. Pull the hair back, twist into bun and even loosen pieces for a messy, casual look. Finish with light makeup and and you're ready to take on the day.

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Images via Maria Jose Ovalle

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