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5 Ways to Do Makeup Faster and Better

Makeup is one of my favorite things to do for myself. I actually find it therapeutic and something I consider me-time. As the mom of an almost-two-year-old, I don’t have quite as much free time to spend doing my makeup. On a good day, I get 20 minutes, but usually it’s about 10 minutes to get my look together and get out the door. For the last few months, I’ve come across five tricks that have not only helped me save time but also make my makeup look better.

Commit to Skincare: When your skin looks great, you won’t need as much makeup. That’s a fact. So the goal here is to put less makeup on because it’ll take less time. This will mean that your skincare routine will have to be a priority throughout the week. To cover the basics, be sure to wash your face twice daily (once in the morning before makeup and once in the evening to remove makeup). Even if you use makeup wipes to remove makeup, make sure to wash your face with a cleanser to ensure clean pores before sleep. Also use a good moisturizer (one with SPF, like this one from Josie Maran) and a serum before moisturizing to ensure fewer breakouts and better skin.

Higher Quality Products: If you want your makeup to be good and fast, then you certainly need to invest in quality products. Do you need to be wearing a face full of designer makeup? No, but good products will take you far during your makeup routine and will last longer throughout the day so you can avoid the need to reapply. Another huge help? A setting spray. A great option is the one from Urban Decay.

The Right Tools: Good brushes and makeup tools make a huge difference in application. They help you blend your makeup, which is key to your makeup looking better. Unless you’re a professional makeup artist, you probably won’t have an entire makeup brush set at your disposal. Besides, there’s no time for that. There are two tools that will make all the difference and won’t slow you down.

  1. The BeautyBlender—This is like the holy grail of makeup products. Dampen this pink egg-shaped makeup sponge to blend in everything from foundation, highlight and contour.
  2. A double-ended powder brush—it's like two brushes in one and is great for everything from powder, bronzer, highlighter to blush. Tarte makes an amazing option.

Multipurpose Products: Invest in quality products that are multipurpose is absolutely clutch. This trick will easily shave down the time it takes to do your makeup by 50 percent. Why? You won’t have to scramble for 2 or 3 products because one will cover it all. While no one has invented something that you can just wipe on and your whole face will be complete (why hasn’t that happened yet?) there are some solid picks that can be used on everything from your eyes, lips and cheeks. The right shade of lipstick can serve as a stain, blush and shadow, as well.

Everyday Makeup Routine: Because we don’t have any extra time to waste on making real-time decisions, knowing exactly what you want to look like on an everyday basis will help you decide on a routine you can use, day in and day out. There are special occasions for a bold lip and smoky eye, but for every day, if you know that glowing skin and glossy lips are the goal, create a foolproof routine with products you trust so you go into autopilot when it’s time to put on makeup.

So, there you have it: commitment to great skincare, higher quality makeup, the right tools, multipurpose products and an everyday makeup routine are the five tips that will help any mom on the go look good and even help her start doing her makeup better.

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