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We Can't Stop Laughing at This Dad's Makeup Tutorial Voice-Over

Photograph by Facebook

Make up is something that men may not always understand, but when Sarah Yarborough, a 32-year-old entrepreneur and part-time speech-language pathologist from Comanche, Texas, asked her husband to narrate one of her make ups videos, she knew she had to share that beauty with the world.

And thank goodness that she did, because I am still laughing about it.

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Yarborough's 32-year-old husband, Chase, is a Farm Bureau agent when he isn't known as the voice behind the now viral Facebook video with more than 6 million views. He detailed how Yarborough dutifully applied a cat-eye and smoky-eyed look. The result is a hilarious running commentary in which Chase explains how Sarah is "doing the same thing she just did" and "you can never have too much brown."

Yarborough, who is mom to Jack, 6, and Kate, 3, explains that she got involved in the cosmetics industry after a friend shared a sample product with her.

"Once I used them I knew I had to sell them and share the love with everyone I could!" she tells Mom.me.

I could spend hours doing makeup, just like they could spend hours hunting and watching football.

Sharing that love turned into Yarborough working as a brand representative for Younique cosmetics as well as continuing her part-time work as a speech-language pathologist in a long-term care facility.

She began sharing make-up tutorial videos with her products after she says she realized that a lot of women were looking for tips from "everyday" people like her, "although I'm very far from a makeup-artist!"

Yarborough came up with the idea to have her husband do a voice-over on her make up video and was shocked when he actually agreed. "When he was done, he didn't think it was worth anything," she explains. "As soon as I listened though, I knew it had to be posted."

Um, yes. 100 percent yes.

Like us, Yarborough says she was in "tears" laughing at her husband—whom she describes as a "man's man"—not missing a beat as she worked her way through her eyeliner and shadow application. Although she explains that her husband doesn't always understand what she does or why she does it, Yarborough notes that her husband has supported her 100 percent in her business.

For Yarborough, make up is both a creative outlet and a way to support other women. "We all wear makeup for different reasons," she explains. "Whether it's to express ourselves or add a little confidence. Seeing women light up when they find a lipstick they love or building a team of amazing women who all support each other because we all fell in love with the same products is really cool."

Although the video was shared in fun, Yarborough says that she does wish that men, her husband included, understood a little bit more about the make up world so many women are involved in.

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"I wish that they understood how much we truly enjoy it," she notes. "I could spend hours doing makeup, just like they could spend hours hunting and watching football. It's an outlet and a confidence enhancer. We don't wear it because we feel like we HAVE to and we don't wear it to impress others (well, maybe a little 😂). We wear it for ourselves, and I am 100 percent OK with that."

Yarborough says that the response to their video has been very supportive and the video was even shared on Ellen Nation (the couple is still waiting for a personal invitation from Ellen and, hey, I hope they get it!).

In the meantime, while they await their call from Ellen, Yarborough says her husband is planning on starting a Podcast, so we can catch even more of his hilarious commentary. We will be waiting anxiously, eyeliner in hand.

Photographs by: Sarah Yarborough

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