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Lindsday L.'s LEGO® DUPLO® Review


I am a kindergarten teacher in Arkansas and my students are all five years old. I have been using LEGO® DUPLO® products since I began teaching four years ago. My students always love to build and learn with these toys. As a teacher, I love that the DUPLO has bigger bricks for my students to handle. They are well shaped for easy use. It’s enjoyable to also see the the end products that the children make.

The boys in my class really love to build their new LEGO® DUPLO® Jake's Pirate Ship Bucky set (#10514) by creating the pirate ship together. My students really try their hardest to make the Jake’s Pirate Ship look the way it does on the box, so they work as a team to put the pieces in the right spots. As a teacher, I notice my students are not only concerned with precision but also use problem solving and communication skills while playing with this DUPLO set.

It’s interesting that the girls are more apt to play creatively than the boys. Unlike the boys, girls are not as concerned with making the DUPLO set look perfect. Overall my students really enjoy this product, and I know they will be happy to get this toy out and build together again in the future.

To buy: LEGO, $40

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