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Lyz L.'s LEGO® DUPLO® Review


My daughter Ellis is 2 ½ years old and she got her first LEGO® DUPLO® set for her second birthday. So, that means we’ve been playing with DUPLO products for six months now. I love that the DUPLO sets allow for creativity and play outside of their immediate narrative. For example, Ellis has a LEGO® DUPLO® Ariel’s Magical Boat Ride set (Item # 10516) and her new LEGO® DUPLO® Jake's Pirate Ship Bucky set (Item # 10514), but she uses them for play outside of those narratives. She builds towers on the ship or has Ariel steal the money from the pirates. Ellis loves the treasure chest with the magic coin and the pirate ship the most. The ship has been sailing on almost every surface of our house, and the magic coin is currently residing in her purse so that the pirates can’t take it. DUPLO bricks provide a foundation for creative play.

Ellis is using the DUPLO bricks to build towers or what she calls “little guys.” She plays games in which she lectures the pirates on how to save their money. Other times, she takes the ship sailing over the house while she sings songs. The magic coin is often an object she “hides” on the ship for the pirates to try and find. We’ve also been talking a lot about how Captain Hook lost his hand, and she pretends that she has a hook for a hand and tells people that a crocodile bit her hand off. Ellis seems to be using her fine motor skills, creativity and story-telling skills.

To buy: LEGO, $40

Photograph by AFP/Getty Images
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