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Toddler Talk: DIY Tree Ornaments

'Tis the season for Christmas crafts! From cutting out paper snowflakes to making cotton ball snowmen, my toddler girls have fully embraced the holiday season. Nearly every day they are asking to do a Christmas project. With just a few items in our craft closet, we were able to make these fun geometric Christmas tree ornaments.


Green popsicle sticks

Hot glue

School glue

Pom pons


Pipe cleaners


Go ahead and form the trees ahead of time. I've found that toddlers and hot glue do not mix well. Simply form a triangle tree with the popsicle sticks and hot glue them together in each corner. Let them dry before you get the kiddos involved.

When your little ones are ready to craft, give them some glue and glitter and let them go to town. They may need your help adding the glue or sticking on the pom poms. My girls loved adding glitter the most. I put a sheet of paper under their projects and let them shake glitter all over the glue we put down. Yes, glitter was everywhere, but it's easy to clean up and they loved every minute of it.

When the geometric Christmas tree ornaments are done, let them dry. Once they are dry, use pipe cleaners or string to hang them from the Christmas tree. Let your children admire their beautiful work all season long!

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