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Toddler Talk: Winter Break Activities

Christmas is next week! On top of my still very long to-do list, I am trying to figure out how to keep my children entertained for the break. It's a week-and-a-half of being together all day and night ... inside our house ... all the time ... eek!

It's going to be fine, and here's why: I have a list of things we can do together, all planned out. (Thank you Pinterest!) My children do play well on their own, and we love simple activities like drawing, painting and cutting paper, but these projects are just a little cooler, a little more involved and a little more fun than those everyday activities. Maybe you'll like them, too!

Dyed Wooden Blocks, from Fun at Home With Kids

The photos of this project alone are envy-inducing. Best of all, we can make the toys, ourselves! Blocks provide hours of fun, and colorful blocks are even more fun. My children will love knowing they painted the blocks.

Marbled Salt Dough Ornaments, from Twodaloo

Salt dough ornaments are a holiday tradition around here, and I love this version! The marbling will be a fun extra for the little ones.

Mini Felt Chain, from Buzzmills

Felt is an easy material for little hands to work with, and this process is a quiet one (hallelujah!). Make one for your house and then a couple more for friends and family!

Christmas Village With Duct Tape and Tissue Boxes, from Mer Mag

I love this so much I want to play with it, myself. Using materials you have laying around, make a sweet Christmas village for your littles to play with.

Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments, from Twodaloo

I love projects that incorporate natural materials, so I really like these simple ornaments. With a little prep by the adults, kids can make darling trees that incorporate the outdoors.

Snowman Lunch Bag, from Spoonful

So easy and so cute! While you might not have a reason to pack a lunch, these snowman lunch bags are a must-do. So make a lunch, pack it up in these darling bags and eat it on the floor in the office. Just for fun!

Easy Photo Ornaments, from Julep

This project is the perfect gift for the people on your list, and the little ones can help. Choose favorite photos make them into keepsake ornaments.

So breathe deep. The break will be over before you know so make the most of the time. Have fun!

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