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Toddler Talk: Noisemakers

It’s likely your little one won’t last until midnight this coming New Year's Eve. But it’s still fun to celebrate the festivities with them! Include them in the craziness by helping them make their own noisemakers that they can tout around for the evening and even into the New Year. Let’s put on our party hats and get started!

What you need

Paper plates

Paint or crayons or markers

Other fun embellishments (glitter!)


Colorful bits of scrap paper


Nuts or dried seeds or buttons (I used pistachio shells)


What you do

Before her nap, Ramona and I broke out the water colors and went to town decorating the convex side of paper plates. The plates dried while she snoozed. Which was great timing because after she woke up and ate lunch, we had more of the same activity to do together! A little bit of delayed gratification and planning ahead didn’t hurt anyone ;)

Once the plates were dry, we added some glue to the surface and sprinkled a little bit of glitter over the paint to add some pizazz. Next, I helped her use scissors to cut out strips of colorful paper. She loves picking out her “color way.” Then she worked on gluing these strips of paper around one half of the top part (concave side) of the plate.

After gorging ourselves on pistachios (the best nut of all) we placed our empty shells in the middle of the paint-side-down plate. Next we folded over the plate and stapled the edges together. You can also glue the plate if you don’t have a stapler but this time around we wanted instant gratification and didn’t want to wait for the glue to dry.

Shake shake shake! Ramona now has her noisemaker to contribute to the craziness that is typically New Years Eve. We threw on some tunes and danced about to test it for good measure. Yup. It certainly makes noise. ;)

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