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Toddler Talk: Curing the Winter Blues

Christmas has come and gone, leaving us with a few months of downtime, colder temperatures and less sunlight in the day. As a stay-at-home mom, the winter months are always the most challenging. It's harder to get out of the house. The shorter days seem to put everyone in a tired mood. And unfortunately, there's not much to look forward to except spring. These cold and gloomy months pretty much force me to get creative INSIDE to get my toddler girls out of their winter funk. Here are 10 fun ways to cure the winter blues...

1. Bake something. Cookies and cupcakes can be the perfect mood-lifter during the winter months. Plus, little ones love helping out in the kitchen!

2. Take a bath. While the swimming pools and spray parks have long been closed, a day-time bath can be a fun way to splash around and have some fun in the water.

3. Paint a masterpiece. Break out the paints and let your little ones go to town. An epic art project is always fun, even if a bath is required afterward.

4. Build a fort. Get creative with your little ones and build an awesome indoor fort using blankets, sheets and furniture. Turn it into a reading nook or watch a movie from your special new hideout.

5. Make play dough. Play dough is super fun, and kids of every age seem to love it. And it's super easy to make!

6. Put together a puzzle. Spend a cold morning working on some puzzles with your tot. It builds problem-solving skills as well as helping them develop motor skills.

7. Have a dance party. Turn on some fun music and have a dance party with your little guy or gal. I promise this will become a favorite activity.

8. Play hide & seek. Toddlers are just beginning to figure out how to hide and be sneaky. This is always a fun way to play on a day you have to stay indoors.

9. Start a band. Break out the pots and pans and wooden spoons, and put on a rock show!

10. Have an indoor picnic. Spice things up a bit and have a special picnic lunch on the floor. Spread out a blanket and serve something that seems summery!

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